December 7, 2020, marks the 71st anniversary of Armed Forces Flag Day. A day that is observed to honor the martyrs, their families, and the ones who are still fighting on the defence lines.

On a chilly morning of December 7, 1949, a committee was set up by our then Defence Minister Baldev Singh with a singular elementary purpose of creating a fund that aids our soldiers. A purpose that may sound elementary at first, and yet, has had a profound effect on the families of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailormen, and airmen of India. Since then, every year, December 7 is observed as Armed Forces Flag Day.

Armed Forces Day: Purpose & Significance:

Armed Forces Flag day gives each and every citizen of our nation the opportunity to pay respects to the brave martyrs of our defence lines. It also gives people the chance to contribute in their own thoughtful way to the brave men that stand on borders in extreme terrains and harrowing weather conditions.

One might remember seeing young students and volunteers distributing small flags that represent the Armed forces in exchange for donations. These donations are added to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund, which is utilized in the aid of army men on these 3 fronts:

  • In financially assisting the army personnel and ex-servicemen
  • In the welfare of families of those soldiers who are currently serving, and the assistance of families of the ex-servicemen
  • In rehabilitating those soldiers who have suffered battle casualties, and rehabilitation of Disabled Soldiers

The Tweets From the Street:

Prime Minister Mr. Modi also expressed his gratitude & pride to the armed forces, their services, and sacrifice.

Indian Airforce marked this day and urged the Twitteratis to contribute and make this day successful.

Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh saluted the bravery of the Indian Armed Forces.

Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman expressed her gratitude towards the armed forces and joined them in solidarity.

Our readers can also contribute towards the Indian Armed Forces and commemorate this day in their own meaningful way.