In a recent viral video which is being shared at a large pace on social media. A young girl can be seen beating a cab driver on the traffic signal of a busy street in Lucknow. The girl alleged that she was hit by the cab while crossing the road. After this incident came in light, netizens all over the internet have started demanding justice for the cab driver, and #ArrestLucknowGirl has trended on Twitter.

The CCTV Footage and Brief About the Incident

In the CCTV footage, the girl can be seen getting violent and screaming on the Driver. The girl can be hitting at the cab driver multiple times and breaking his phone. A traffic police official and a bystander can be seen intervening and trying to defend him, but the girl didn’t stop and kept beating the cabbie. The incident reportedly took place near Awadh crossing in Lucknow.

Check the video here

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FIR Filed Against the Girl

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Central (Lucknow), Chiranjeev Nath Sinha, informed about the FIR which was filed on the cab driver’s plea against the woman who had beaten him. He said that-

“In the case of the viral video of a woman slapping a man, we received a complaint from the man today. Based on the complainant, An FIR was filed in Krishna Nagar police station under relevant sections.”

The Driver Kept Asking For Help

The driver can be seen requesting bystanders to call policewomen to the scene. “Aaplog mahila police bulaye”. The woman continues to beat him repeatedly and even broke his phone to which the cab driver says it was his boss’s phone worth Rs. 25,000.

At a phase in the video, a traffic policeman intervening and separating the woman from the cab driver and taking them to the side of the road but after a short while the woman again corners the man and starts hitting him.

Even the Person who came to Save the Cab Driver was assaulted in these undated Viral Videos. All through the video she can be heard saying the car hit her.

Check the video here

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Why was The Cab Driver Put Behind the Lock-up?

Amid the chaos, the cab driver identified as Sadat Ali Siddiqui said that after the incident police took both him and the woman to the police station but surprisingly, the police filed a case against him based on her complaint. He said that the Police did not even take his complaint and kept him inside lockup for 24 hours. His Lawyer and his brothers came by and got his bail done.

Netizens Demand For Equal Justice, #ArrestLucknowGirl Trends On Twitter

As soon as the video went viral, netizens all over the internet started asking for justice for the cab driver and pleaded the police to lodge a complaint against the girl irrespective of the gender.

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Here are some of the tweets in this case’s context

After this case has been under wildfire many social media posts too have started getting circulated which says that, “We are at a point where men can’t even defend themselves; it’s always the men’s fault”.

The case is still under investigation and we hope that the final decision won’t be gender biased and the person at fault gets to pay for their wrong-doing.