In a new development regarding the ongoing Aryan Khan case, NCB officer Sanjay Singh has assumed charge over the ‘drugs on cruise’ probe and has taken over the probe from Sameer Wankhede. Since the beginning of the case, NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede was the primary investigator in the case.

However, Mr. Wankhede later made a petition in the court that the case may be taken over by a central agency. Now, the case will be handled by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) which will be headed by Sanjay Singh, and NCB team from Mumbai.

It should also be noted that NCB in its statement clarified that no officer’s position has been taken away and the officers will continue to assist in the matter as required.

Earlier on November 5, primary accused 23-year-old Aryan Khan appeared before the NCB as per the conditions of his bail.


After the release of superstar Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan on bail in the drugs-on-cruise case, perspectives are now shifting to other happenings in the case. To take our readers up to speed, Aryan Khan was arrested by the NCB on October 3 as a primary accused in a drug related case. He and few other accused were found on a Goa-bound cruise ship where a rave party was happening.

What followed was a slew of hearings, first from the Bombay High Court, then the Special Court. A case was made by NCB that Aryan and other accused were involved in drug trafficking.

On the sidelines, allegations were raised against anti-drugs agency NCB’s officer Sameer Wankhede, who served as the primary investigator in the case. He was alleged of being involved in a pay-off deal, planting false evidences for incrimination.

On October 28, Aryan Khan was granted bail by a special court.

The Facts of the Matter

On November 5, anti-drugs agency issued a statement which said that as many as 6 cases are now “taken over” by a SIT (special investigation team) which will be headed by IPS officer Sanjay Singh. These 6 cases include the ongoing Aryan Khan ‘drugs-on-cruise’ case.

Earlier, NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede was the primary investigator in the matter. However, Mr. Wankhede himself found himself receiving heat when he was alleged of wrongdoings by Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik. This led to a SIT being formed which would now be taking over half-a-dozen cases.

In its statement, the NCB stated that the 6 cases being “taken over” by the SIT officers due to the “national and international ramifications and in order to conduct a deeper investigation to find out forward and backward linkages.”

Who is IPS Officer Sanjay Singh?

A Delhi University graduate, Mr. Singh is a 1996-batch IPS cadre officer from Odisha. After his recruitment, he served in CBI and Odisha Police. During his stint with the Odisha Police, Mr. Singh headed a drug task force in the capacity of Additional Director General (ADG). During his tenure, he spearheaded several drug-rackets busts in Odisha.

With CBI, Mr. Singh was part of teams that worked on cases such as the 2010 Commonwealth Games Scam, the CRPF recruitment, the Medical Council bribery scam, etc.

Mr. Singh is currently serving as the Director General of the NCB.

“Not Removed from Investigation”: NCB Officer Sameer Wankhede Clarifies

Meanwhile, several news reports claimed that Mr. Sameer Wankhede was removed from the investigation. To give clarity, he spoke to ANI and was quoted saying, “I have not been removed from investigation. It was my writ petition in court that the matter be probed by a central agency. So the Aryan (Khan) case and Sameer Khan case are being probed by the Delhi NCB’s special investigation team. It’s a coordination between NCB teams of Delhi and Mumbai.”