In the ongoing Aryan Khan case, a new witness added twist in the tale. The witness claimed crores of rupees as payoff was proposed by Sameer Wankhede for Aryan Khan’s release. However, the NCB Zonal Director has denied all such allegations and has further written to the Mumbai Police seeking protection.

Reportedly Prabhakar Sail, a witness in the Aryan Khan case did a u-turn and told the Mumbai special court that Mr. Sameer Wankhede was offered Rs. 8 crores as payoff for Aryan’s release. Meanwhile, Aryan Khan is serving his time in the Arthur Road jail, Mumbai, after his bail was repeatedly rejected by a Mumbai Special Court.


Much akin to any popular courtroom drama that involves a witness refuting to his initial version of the events, the Aryan Khan case has also found a new twist. The Aryan Khan case saw the light of the day on October 2 when the anti-drug agency NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) arrested Aryan Khan, son of popular actor Shahrukh Khan, from a rave party.

The party was happening on a cruise ship which was bound to Goa from Mumbai. Since the arrest, Shiv Sena, has alleged that NCB has violated Aryan’s fundamental rights. However, NCB has categorically maintained that Aryan is a part of a larger conspiracy involving drug trafficking.

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The Facts of the Matter

An independent witness in the Aryan Khan drug charges case has ‘turned hostile’ and has made fiery claims. The witness named Prabhakar Sail claimed that he heard KP Gosavi, a private investigator who was part of the NCB raid at the cruise, saying that Rs. 8 crores will be given to Sameer Wankhede for Khan’s payoff. Incidentally, KP Gosavi is absconding at the moment.

Witness Claims Made to Sign Blank Papers, Threat to Life

Further, Sail also claimed that he was made to sign blank paper sheets at the NCB office on the day of the cruise ship raid. He has also claimed that he has feared threat to his life after the incident. Reportedly, Sail claimed that KP Gosavi had made demands of monetary payoff on NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede’s behalf.

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Wankhede Denies Allegations – NCB Issues Statement

Hours after the claim, NCB issued a statement in which it refuted all the allegations made by the witness. In its statement, the NCB was quoted saying, “As he is a witness in the case and the case is before the court and sub-judice, he needs to submit his prayer to the court rather than through social media if he has anything to say.”

The statement, issued as a press note, further added that Sameer Wankhede has denied all the allegations. “There are certain vigilance-related allegations against certain persons in the [witness] affidavit which are based on overhearing by Mr Prabhakar.”

The statement, signed by IPS Mutha Ashok Jain added, “I am hereby forwarding the affidavit to Director General Narcotics Control Bureau and requesting him for further necessary action.”

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“Threat of Jail and Dismissal” – Sameer Wankhede Speaks Up

Sameer Wankhede, who has held the reigns of the Aryan Khan case so far, also issued a statement after the claims made by witness. In his letter, Mr. Wankhede wrote, “It has come to my notice that some precipitate legal action for framing me falsely is being planned by unknown persons in relation to alleged vigilance related issue.”

The NCB Zonal Director further added, “It is also brought to your notice that threat of jail and dismissal have been issued against the undersigned on public media by highly respectable public functionaries”.

Shiv Sena Shares Video of Aryan Khan with KP Gosavi

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena has continued its allegations against the NCB. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut took to Twitter and shared a video of Aryan Khan in NCB custody after the raid. In the shared video, KP Gosavi can be seen sitting with Aryan with a phone in his hand, letting the 23-year-old star-son speak to someone.