While Aryan breathes easy at his Mannat residence, Aryan Khan’s jail buddy who boasted about spending time with him got arrested once again. Apparently, the accused’s decision of giving interviews to various news portals became his mistake as he was apprehended once again by the Mumbai Police. Earlier, when Aryan was lodged in the Arthur Road Jail, Shrawan Nadar spent some time with the 23-year-old son of popular Indian actor Shahrukh Khan. Later when he was bailed in one case, he took to Shahrukh Khan’s residence Mannat and asked the security to have him meet Khan. Although he was dismissed by the security, Nadar went on to have his moments in fame, only to later get arrested.


The life inside a prison is bleak, scary and can rattle the most seasoned criminals. However, when a famous personality is sent to the same jail, the dynamics of the entire prison shifts. Prisoners often try to get close to the personality in the hopes that they would remain connected after both of them are released.

Recently, son of India’s richest actor Shahrukh Khan was lodged in the Arthur Road jail for a period of 25 days. 23-year-old Aryan was arrested by the NCB from a Goa-bound cruise where a rave party was happening. On October 28, Aryan was given bail by the Bombay High Court as he was found to not be in the possession of drugs.

While Aryan breathes some fresh air, his jail-buddy witnessed an interesting turn of events.

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The Facts of the Matter

What do 44-year-old Shrawan Nadar and 23-year-old Aryan Khan have in common? They both shared barrack number 1 at the Arthur Road jail, Mumbai. While Aryan has only 1 case of related to drugs against him, Shrawan has as many as 13 cases of housebreaking and thefts against him. After spending some time with Aryan at the Arthur Road jail, Shrawan took to various media houses and gave interview to them. However, this move proved costly to him.

The Aryan Khan – Shrawan Nadar Timeline

Reportedly, Shrawan Nadar was arrested by the police officers from Matunga Police Station in a case related to theft. Interestingly enough, both Shrawan and Aryan were lodged at the Arthur Road prison at the same time. While Aryan’s bail was granted much later, Shrawan was released in about ten days of his arrest.

Shrawan Nadar Gets Interviewed, Reveals that Aryan Cried after Arrested

After he stepped out of the prison, Nadar had his moment in the limelight. He was approached by several media outlets and went on to give some interviews on his time with Aryan. In an interview to The Lallantop, Nadar said that Aryan received a haircut as a procedure after his arrest. Nadar also claimed that Aryan didn’t use to each much and only ate biscuits.

When asked whether Aryan used to cry Nadar said how most people who are sent to jail for the first-time cry, and Aryan also cried on the first day after his arrest.

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Aryan’s Jail Buddy Tries Visiting Mannat to Give Aryan’s Message

Interestingly enough, Nadar also said that Aryan gave him a message to tell his family that he doesn’t have money, and thus, send money through Nadar. Reportedly, Nadar took to Mannat and tried passing the alleged message, but wasn’t let through by the security personnel.

Police Sees Shrawan’s Interview, Alerts Crime Branch

Meanwhile, giving those interviews proved to be a costly affair for Nadar who had other cases pending against him. According to a Mid-Day report, the Juhu Police officers found Nadar giving an interview on their television screen. They were shocked as they had been looking for the absconding man in a case related to housebreaking sinceeight months.

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Aryan Khan’s Inmate-Buddy Arrested, Again

The Juhu officers alerted the local crime branch and soon, Nadar was arrested right outside the jail where he had been giving interviews. A Hindustan Times quoted a Juhu police station SI Shashikant Mane saying, “Nadar has 13 cases of housebreaking and thefts against him. He has three cases on him from our police stations and was wanted in a housebreaking case for the past eight months. A local court on Friday remanded him to police custody up to November 1.”