In the matter of Aryan Khan’s release that has caught the frenzy of nation, dhols to firecrackers were used by fans to welcome the SRK son. On October 28, Aryan Khan was finally granted bail by a Bombay High Court. The next day, the Justice who granted Aryan and co-accused bail issued a 5-page notice where all the conditions for bail were laid out. A day after Aryan Khan made his way from the Arthur Road jail to his Bandra residence ‘Mannat’ where hundreds of fans awaited him. The 23-year-old son of India’s most popular actor was released from jail 26 days after he was arrested in the drugs-on-cruise case.


In just under a month, the drugs-on-cruise case had so many twists and turns that many would’ve lost the count if they blinked even for a second. From allegations against the NCB chief Sameer Wankhede on payoff deals, to recovery of primary accused Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat with Bollywood actor Ananya Pandey, the case has seen it all.

Along with such dramatic twists, the case also brought into light several prominent celebrities stand in support of Aryan Khan’s father Shahrukh Khan. As Aryan got released on bail on October 30, the entire industry and the fans that make the industry, erupted in joy.

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The Facts of the Matter

While the entire nation will celebrate Diwali on November 4, residents of ‘Mannat’ will be celebrating Diwali a bit earlier. For the uninitiated, India’s most popular actor Shahrukh Khan and his family lives in the multistoried bungalow ‘Mannat’ in Mumbai. As 23-year-old son of Shahrukh got released on bail on Saturday, Diwali is sure to be celebrated early for the Mannat residents.

October 28 marked the homecoming of King Khan’s “prince” Aryan Khan and obviously, fans of India’s richest Bollywood actor gathered in large numbers outside ‘Mannat’. These fans cheered loudly as a gorgeous luxury car slowly crawled its way through the crowd as it carried Aryan. After 26 days of judicial custody in the drugs-on-cruise case, Aryan was granted his bai.

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Aryan Makes Way from Arthur Road Jail, Reaches Mannat

Sometime around 11:00 AM on October 30, media spotted Aryan making his way out of the Arthur Road jail where he was serving his time. A convoy of several cars then made its about 6.1 km journey to Aryan’s residence Mannat. At around 11.34, Aryan’s convoy reached his residence.

Supporters of both Aryan and Shahrukh Khan swarmed around his convoy, barely giving the cars the space to drive. The fans walked alongside the car, and screams of “We love you Shahrukh, We love you Aryan” were in the air. The screams were only overpowered by the loud firecrackers that were burst by enthusiastic supporters.

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Urmila Matondkar, RGV, and More React

Meanwhile, several supporters who were silent till Aryan’s bail broke their silence and stood in his father’s support. Taking to Twitter, Urmila Matondkar wrote, “Person’s true character is revealed in tough times. Truly amazed at the dignity, grace, maturity n strength @iamsrk has shown in d most trying n pressurizing times. Proud to have you as my colleague. U remain absolutely the Best!! Much love. God bless”.

Bollywood director Ram Gopal Verma shared a hilarious tweet making a reference of how Shahrukh Khan’s films release on Diwali every year. “In Bollywood, Diwali has always been reserved for a Khans’s release. This Diwali also Khan got released.”

Earlier on the day Aryan Khan and his co-accused were granted the bail in the case, Bollywood actor Raj Babbar took to Twitter and wrote, “Beyond the dark nights, the lights of Diwali are ready to greet Aryan. May the Gods be with him as he moves forward. As a father @iamsrk’s composure & remarkable grit shall long be remembered.”