As pollution levels are rising, residents of Delhi and its nearby region have been advised to reduce outdoor activities as much as possible. The board recommended that the government and business offices cut their usage of private transportation by 30% and that Delhi residents restrict their outside exposure.

Local Governments to be Ready for Emergency

The central pollution control board instructed states and local governments to be “completely ready” for emergency measures to combat deteriorating air conditions in New Delhi due to a dip in temperature and wind speeds on Friday. A heavy veil of deadly pollution lingered above Delhi, aggravated by a surge in crop waste burning in nearby farmlands. According to the pollution control board, visibility was impaired, and the Air Quality Index (AQI) reached 470 on a scale of 500.

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Schools Closed for One Week

This amount of pollution means that healthy people will be affected by the air, and those who already have ailments. According to the EPA’s “Graded Response Action Plan,” air quality that remains “severe” for 48 hours requires states and local governments to take emergency actions such as putting “odd-even” limits on private cars based on their license plates, and halting all construction development.

Delhi government have taken decision on Saturday that all schools will shut for one week, also any construction work will be halted between 14th to 17th November.

Minimum Use of Private Transport

The board said in a circular issued late Friday that government and commercial offices should minimise their use of private transportation by 30% and that residents should limit their outside exposure. “In view of low winds and quiet circumstances during the night,” the board added, “meteorological conditions will be particularly unfavourable for pollution dispersion until November 18, 2021.”

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Authorities Ordered the Closure of Brick Kilns

Local authorities ordered the closure of brick kilns previously this week, as well as increasing the frequency of mechanical cleaning and a crackdown on waste burning and pollution. The dangerous PM2.5 fine particulates content averaged 329 micrograms per cubic metre of air. The government recommends a PM2.5 reading of 60 micrograms per cubic metre of air over a 24-hour period as a “safe” level. PM2.5 is tiny enough to go deep into the lungs and into the bloodstream, causing serious respiratory disorders such as lung cancer.

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Kejriwal on Lockdown: Discussions in Progress; Consultation with the Centre

Arvind Kejriwal also stated that talks on a lockdown in Delhi are in the works and that required steps will be made in consultation with the central government. “In the Supreme Court, there was a notion of a complete lockdown in Delhi if the (pollution) situation worsened… We’re putting up a proposal that will be addressed with the agencies and the centre… Construction and vehicular activity will have to be halted if this occurs, according to the Delhi Chief Minister.