Controversy’s favorite child Ashneer Grover recently made buzz again for calling employees “daily wagers in guise of salaried folk”. The former BharatPe MD is known for making controversial statements that he often brushes off as being “honest”.

Known for grilling entrepreneurs at Indian reality show Shark tank, Grover earlier resigned from his own fintech startup BharatPe. Earlier this week, Grover replied to Ease My Trip co-founder’s tweet that had gone viral.

EaseMyTrip co-founder Prashant Pitti had earlier called out a potential candidate for bailing out from joining the company the day he was supposed to start working. In response to Pitti’s tweet, Grover said that in India there is no value of contract.

He further wrote, “Neither would you go after someone nor would they as legal system is broken and expensive. So in India it’s – ek haath le doosre haath de (give with one hand, take with the other),” and added, “Best to tone down your expectation that you employ daily wagers in guise of salaried folk”.

Grover’s reply left several netizens fuming, with many Twitter users lashed out at him for calling employees “daily wagers”.

Interestingly enough, Grover himself in his letter of resignation called founders in Indian startup ecosystem “slave”. “Investor-Founder relation in India is one of Master-Slave,” Grover had written in his letter.

The Facts of the Matter

From “Ye sab doglapan hai”, to “Aap kyun apna time waste kar rahe ho?”, Shark Tank India judge Ashneer Grover has been known for giving tough love to several entrepreneurs that come to the show for investment. The former BharatPe MD has since drawn flak and appreciation both, for his savage replies, and brutal responses. While some appreciate him for being honest, others criticize him for demeaning.

Honest or demeaning, Grover has yet again sparked controversy. This time, the BharatPe co-foudner jumped an already viral tweet, and garnered reactions from Twitteratis with his polarizing perspective.

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Ease My Trip Co-Founder Rants on Twitter

It all started when Ease My Trip co-founder Prashant Pitti took to Twitter and ranted about a candidate who bailed last minute on him. “Someone pls solve this hiring issue. This is hugely prevelant & ends up wasting so much time & resource. Once a candidate accepts offer-letter, companies wait for months & rejects all other potential candidates. But candidate decides on very last day, that they won’t be joining,” he tweeted, sharing a screenshot of a conversation he had with a potential candidate.

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Ashneer Grover Chimes In

While many Twitter users debate about the work-culture in Indian startup circuit and ethics regarding the same, Ashneer Grover replied with his polarizing perspective. “Prashant – In India there is no value of contract – neither would you go after someone nor would they as legal system is broken and expensive,” Grover replied.

While Grover’s perspective so far had been quite understandable, what he wrote further fumed netizens. “So in India it’s – ek haath le doosre haath de. Best to tone down your expectation that you employ daily wagers in guise of salaried folk,” he added.

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Netizens Left Fuming

Grover’s reply didn’t go down so well with many netizens who were left fuming with the comparison of employees to daily wagers. “This mindset of typical low class business people who feel everyone working for them are daily wage workers instead of professionals with skills eat nothing but scamming others. That’s why ash has been kicked out of bharatpe. Now he is the one berozgaarlabour with frustration,” commented a Twitter user.

Other Twitter users also reacted harshly to Grover’s comparison.

Some Twitter Users Agree To Ashneer’s Perspective

Given that Ashneer is a polarizing figure, it was not a surprise that many netizens also agreed to his perspective and shocking comparison.


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