In Assam, doctors performing C-section realized that the baby in womb was premature. The doctors stitched the mother back up, and the woman is now reported to be in a critical condition. The six-month pregnant patient from Assam is now in critical condition after the doctors in government hospital stitched her back while performing a Caesarean section.

The C-section was done by Dr. AK Biswas at the Karimganj Civil Hospital earlier on August 22. Based on the doctor’s suggestion, the patient was admitted at the hospital for 10 days, and on August 31, she was discharged. However, her health started deteriorating immediately.

The doctor was on the receiving end of public outrage and he was reported to have locked himself in a room. It took the doctor an hour to gather his wits, and told locals that he stitched the patient back as the foetus was premature.

Meanwhile, the patient’s husband claimed that as per the case, the expected due date of delivery was December 9. However, the doctor attempted the C-section over three months before the due date.

A seven-member team has been formed by Dr. Lipi Deb Sinha, the superintendent of the hospital. “Apart from the cut, if she has any other complications, the team will find out and we’ll take care of it too,” she said.

The Facts of the Matter

Due to medical negligence of a team of doctors in Assam, a pregnant woman is currently battling for her life. The woman, who was convinced to undergo a c-section three and a half months prior to her due date, was stitched back by the doctors after they found out the baby to be premature. No arrests or case has been registered so far. A panel of experts has been put in place to investigate the matter.

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Doctor Suggested Patient to Get Admitted

The doctor who was behind the medical negligence was identified as Dr. AK Biswas, a senior physician at the Karimganj Civil Hospital. Dr Biswas suggested the patient to get admitted on August 22, and on August 31, he discharged the patient. However, the patient’s health immediately deteriorated despite the 10 days of being admitted in hospital under the care of Dr. Biswas.

Earlier this week on Wednesday, outraged locals gathered outside the hospital and the doctor locked himself up. It took Dr Biswas an hour to gather his wits, following which he told the locals about stitching the patient back after realizing the foetus was premature.

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Patient’s Delivery Date was of December

The patient’s husband claimed that as per the test reports, the expected delivery date was December 9. However, the doctor attempted the surgery over three-and-a-half months before it. A Hindustan Times report quoted the patient’s husband giving an account of the ordeal.

Husband Gives Account of Incident

“Around 15 days back, she started suffering from severe pain and we took her to Karimganj Civil Hospital. After initial treatment, the doctor said he’ll attempt surgery. After the surgery, he said the foetus was not mature, and so he has stitched the cut and asked us to stay at the hospital for a few more days,” the patient’s husband said.

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Team Formed to Probe the Matter

Another family member of the patient alleged that her condition deteriorated again and the doctors stitched her again on Thursday evening, following which she started bleeding. Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Lipi Deb Sinha has formed a seven-member team to probe into the matter.


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