A heartbreaking video showing a man marrying his dead girlfriend has been making rounds of social media. The grieving partner also vowed to never get married after his girlfriend succumbed to an illness at a hospital. The man in question has been identified as 27-year-old Bitupan Tamuli while his now deceased girlfriend was identified as Prathana. The incident was reported from Guwahati.

The gut-wrenching video of the incident shows Bitupan putting vermilion tika on his deceased girlfriend’s forehead and cheeks, as per rituals in real weddings.

Further, Bitupan also goes on to put garland around Prathana’s neck and put a garland around his neck, making the ritual of marrying his girlfriend conclude in the most heartbreaking way possible.

A Times Now report quoted Prathana’s relative claiming that fell sick earlier this month. Her sickness progressed exponentially beyond a recovery point. On Saturday, November 18, Prathana took her last breath.

Shocked and grief-struck, Prathana’s boyfriend Bitupan made a gesture of marrying Prathana as her lifeless body laid on the floor. He further vowed to never get married in his life again, and hold Prathana’s memory till he takes his last breath.

Earlier this year, a similar strange development was reported from Karnataka, where a man witnessed the unique ‘Pretha Kalyanam’ ritual, where those who died in child birth, were posthumously married.

The Facts of the Matter

We have all heart of the phrase – “Til Death Do Us Part”, where lovers stay together till heir death. However, what happens when a partner is taken away from other? In a heartbreaking development, a man in Assam recently married his dead girlfriend, and vowed to take no woman all his life.

The incident was reported from Guwahati, where 27-year-old Bitupan Tamuli married his deceased girlfriend Prathana after she succumbed to an illness.

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Deceased GF Was Suffering from Incurable Disease

As per reports, Prathana was a Nagaon resident, and was battling an incurable disease for a very long time. While the disease continued progressing, the couple made the drastic choice of dreaming a life together with each other.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, Prathana and Bitupan’s dreams were crushed after she fell ill to a point of no return. She was hospitalized, and her sickness progressed beyond a point of recovery. Earlier on November 18, Saturday, Prathana took her last breath, leaving Bitupan grieving and bereaved.

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Gesture of True Love

However, in a gesture of true love, he decided to marry Prathana on her death bed. Like any other real marriage between any other couple, he put vermillion ‘tika’ on Prathana’s forehead. Further, as per rituals, he also put garland on the neck of her true love, and on his own.

Further, the 27-year-old man, who has his entire life ahead of himself, vowed to never marry again and became a widower by choice.

Watch here:

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Karnataka’s ‘Pretha Kalyanam’ Ritual

While the incident may seem like a one-off where a person married someone who died, there are similar instances that have been reported across the world. Earlier in July, a netizen on Twitter became viral after he gave an elaborate account of a unique in Karnataka ritual called ‘Pretha Kalyanam’.

“For those who died in child birth, they are usually married off to another child who is deceased during the child birth. All the customs happen just like any marriage,” read the Twitter user’s tweet regarding the strange ritual.


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