As soon as the news of Assassination of Haitian President has broken out, the country is under high alert and is amid political chaos. Haitian authorities have made more arrests in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, raiding Taiwan’s Embassy where several suspects are believed to have sought refuge, while also detaining two Haitian-Americans and several former Colombian soldiers allegedly tied to the plot.

Prime Suspects And the Detained soldiers

Overall, 17 suspects have been detained and another eight are being sought, according to National Police Chief Lon Charles. We are going to bring them to justice, the police chief said, as the 17 handcuffed suspects sat on the floor during a news conference.

Colombia’s government said it had been asked by Haiti about six of the suspects, including two of the three killed, and had determined they were retired members of its army. Gen. Jorge Luis Vargas, the head of Colombia’s police said-

“A team was formed with the best investigators. They are going to send dates, flight times, financial information that is already being collected to be sent to Port-au-Prince.”

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph’s statement

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who assumed leadership with the backing of police and the military, declared a two-week state of siege, and asked people to return to work and reopen businesses that were shut down in normally bustling Port-au-Prince. He also ordered the international airport to re-open.

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A Certified Diplomat Agent, Solages: Trustworthy or fake?

A certified diplomatic agent, Solages, 35, an advocate for children and budding politician on a now-removed website for a charity he started in 2019 in south Florida to assist resident of his home town of Jacmel, on Haiti’s southern coast.

Solages also said he had worked as a bodyguard at the Canadian Embassy in Haiti, and on his Facebook page, which was also taken down after news of his arrest; he showcased photos of armoured military vehicles and a shot of himself standing in front of an American flag.

Canada’s Reaction on Solages

Canada’s foreign relation department released a statement that did not refer to Solages by name but said one of the men detained for his alleged role in the killing had been briefly employed as a reserve bodyguard at its embassy by a private contractor.

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A statement by Schubert

Schubert Dorisme, whose wife is Solages’ aunt said-

“I feel like my son killed my brother because I love my president and I love James Solages.”

Action by Taiwan’s embassy in Port-au-Prince

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Embassy in Port-au-Prince said Haitian police had arrested 11 individuals who tried to break into the Taiwanese Embassy in Port-au-Prince early Thursday. It gave no details of their identities or a reason for the break-in but in a statement referred to the men as mercenaries and strongly condemned the cruel and barbaric assassination of Mose.

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Joanne Ou told The Associated Press in Taipei that-

“As for whether the suspects were involved in the assassination of the president of Haiti that will need to be investigated by the Haitian police.”

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The investigation team responds to the case

Judge Carl Henry Destin, who is involved in the investigation, said Mose was shot a dozen times and his office and bedroom were ransacked, according to the Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste. Moses daughter, Jomarlie Jovenel, hid in her brothers bedroom during the attack, and a maid and another worker were tied up by the attackers, the judge said.

The U.N. Security Council met privately Thursday to discuss the situation in Haiti, and U.N. special envoy Helen La Lime said afterward that Haitian officials had asked for additional security assistance.

Gunfire rang out intermittently across the city hours after the killing, a grim reminder of the growing power of gangs that displaced more than 14,700 people last month alone as they torched and ransacked homes in a fight over territory.