In a recent interview, Atul Parchure, celebrated for his roles in television and film, revealed his cancer diagnosis. He shared memories of the initial signs that prompted him to seek medical help, as well as his misdiagnosis and subsequent incorrect treatment, which worsened his condition.

Recounting his experience with cancer, Atul shared that he had gone down memory lane as he recalled the early signs and symptoms that suddenly presented themselves before he had consulted the doctor. He mentioned that he had recently been on a family vacation to Australia where he stopped being able to eat anything and felt nauseous. Even after his brother gave him medication, he didn’t seem to get better so he underwent an ultrasound, which uncovered that he had a five cm long tumor in his liver that was cancerous. Despite this, however, Atul remained optimistic and insisted that he would recover.

Atul’s health was negatively affected by the initial treatment he received after being diagnosed with cancer. The planned surgery was pushed back, leading to him missing out on work opportunities. He stated that the situation was dire, as his pancreas had taken a hit and he was struggling to walk and string words together. After a discussion with his doctor, they warned that he may develop jaundice for several years, as well as a potential for his liver to become watery should the operation be performed, with a chance of him not surviving. He eventually changed doctors and was able to acquire the proper medication.

Atul, who has been part of Kapil’s shows for a long time, revealed that he sadly was unable to work with the team due to his health. He said, “I have been part of Kapil Sharma shows for many years. They invited me to act in Sumona’s father’s role but due to my cancer, I couldn’t do the episodes. I planned to go on the international tour with Kapil but, I’m still finding out if I’m fully recovered yet or not.”

Atul has acted in a number of shows such as R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya, Comedy Nights with Kapil, Jago Mohan Pyaare, and Bhago Mohan Pyare.

Atul Parchure Interview

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