In a fascinating story reported from Aurangabad, a man has bought a horse to commute to work amid petrol price hike. While most people are now looking at the future, and trying to learn more about electric vehicles, this man has looked in the rearview mirror of time.

The man, identified as Shaikh Yusuf, is employed as a lab assistant at a YB Chavan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad. With every day reports of significant increase in petrol prices, Yusuf chose a ride, worthy of an emperor from 19th century. He put down Rs. 40,000 and bought a horse to commute to his work. Yusuf reportedly bought the horse to commute to work during COVID-19 lockdown. Speaking to news agency ANI, Yusuf was quoted saying,

“My bike wasn’t functioning, petrol prices had gone up & public transport wasn’t plying. which is when I bought this horse for Rs 40,000 to commute.” Thanks to his royal ride, Yusuf has become quite a celebrity in his neighborhood and is now fondly known as ‘ghodawala’ among the locals.

The Facts of the Matter

Geopolitical crisis, pandemic, economic recessions, are just some of the factors that are being held responsible for the increase in petrol prices. Whatever the reasons be for the significant price increase, the one undebatable truth to have emerged in such a situation is that the average middle-class man faces the brunt of the price rise.

In such a situation, more and more people are turning towards electric scooters, cars and cabs. Not only are these vehicles better for the environment, but they are not as resource consuming as a petrol-powered vehicle can be.

However, not everyone in India today can afford an electric vehicle. An Aurangabad-based man has found a fascinating and unique way to deal with the issue of petrol price increase.

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Meet Shaikh Yusuf – the ‘Ghodawala’ of Aurangabad

Meet Shaikh Yusuf, a lab-assistant at the YB Chavan College of Pharmacy. After realizing that he was finding it difficult to commute to work on his bike due to the increase in petrol prices, Yusuf bought a horse for himself.

After the COVID-19 induced lockdown was imposed and public transport was also clamped, Yusuf bought ‘Jigar’ for Rs. 40,000 to commute to work. Speaking to news agency ANI, Yusuf said, “I bought it during lockdown. My bike wasn’t functioning, petrol prices had gone up & public transport wasn’t plying. which is when I bought this horse for Rs 40,000 to commute”.

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“Keeps One Fit & Healthy..”

Elaborating on the merits of riding a horse, Yusuf further added, “It keeps one fit and healthy. Also, given the rise in fuel prices, horse as a mode of transport is a feasible option.”

Netizens React to Aurangabad Man Riding Horse to Commute

News agency ANI also shared a video of Yusuf riding a horse which enthralled netizens across the nation. While some twitteratis joked how Yusuf was forced to enter the stone age, others wondered whether the horse’s maintenance is as effective as owning a vehicle.

Some netizens also wondered why Yusuf didn’t get a bicycle for himself while others went as far as saying that is a case of “animal cruelty”.

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The Petrol Price Rise Story So Far…

According to various finance experts, 2022 will be the year when crude oil will cross the triple digit price in dollars, and will have a significant impact on price of petrol in India. Earlier in 2021, India saw as many as 43 price hikes till June, and witnessed the shocking Rs. 100/liter mark breach in prominent states.

Meanwhile, the price fluctuation of petrol prices was put on hold in 2022 before the crucial 2022 Assembly elections that were held in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Goa, and Punjab. The government claimed that the prices were put on freeze to protect Indian customers from the volatility of the oil and refined fuel prices.

Meanwhile, after 124 days of complete freeze, the domestic prices of petrol and diesel is slated to be revised in the coming days.


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