In a story worthy of a film, an Australian fisherman had a lucky escape after being attacked by a 15ft crocodile. To free himself from the jaws of the wild, monstrous beast, the man somehow ended up poking its eyes, and gouging them to a point he was set free and could escape scathed but alive. The heart stopping incident took place at Cape York Peninsula, Queensland.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon at Archer Point, a popular camping area on the Cape York Peninsula. As the man was swimming, the crocodile pounced on him, biting him three times and dragging him deep below the water’s surface.

Despite suffering multiple fractures and severe injuries to his head, abdomen and leg, the man managed to escape the deadly clutches of the beast by digging his fingers into the crocodile’s eyes multiple times. Fortunately, he was not alone, as a group of six people who were also swimming with him came to his aid, providing much-needed medical assistance.

According to Valerie Noble of the Queensland Ambulance Service, the man’s survival was nothing short of miraculous. She stated that “not many people would live to tell a story like that.”

Meanwhile, the Queensland Department of Environment and Science has launched an investigation into the incident.

The Facts of the Matter

Crocodiles are some of the deadliest creatures on the planet, with razor-sharp teeth, incredible strength, and lightning-fast reflexes. Once they have set their sights on prey, there is little that can be done to escape their jaws. Every year, countless people find themselves facing deadly predators in the wild, and many do not survive unfortunately.

But one fisherman from Queensland, Australia, has lived to tell the tale, and the tale is nothing short of a movie scene from a pulpy Hollywood movie from the 70s.

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Fisherman Gets Dragged Down into Water by Croc

A harrowing incident at Archer Point, a popular camping spot in Queensland, Australia, has left a fisherman lucky to be alive. While swimming in the waters, the man, aged 44, was attacked by a 15-foot crocodile that bit him three times, causing multiple fractures and severe injuries to his head, abdomen, and leg.

Australian Man Uses Wit and Survives the Ordeal

The beast dragged the man deep below the water’s surface, but the man used his wits, and managed to escape by digging his fingers into the crocodile’s eyes repeatedly. Despite his injuries, the man made it to the shore with the help of a group of six people swimming nearby. The man’s courage and quick thinking saved his life in what could have been a fatal encounter.

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“Extremely lucky man”: Ambulance Service Official

Valerie Noble of the Queensland Ambulance Service praised the man’s incredible feat of survival. “He’s an extremely lucky man, not many people would live to tell a story like that,” she said. The victim was

airlifted to Cairns Hospital, where he is in stable condition. Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science has initiated an investigation to determine if the crocodile is still in the area.

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Similar Attacks from Land Down Under

Attacks like this one are not uncommon in Australia, where these creatures can be found in many bodies of water. Earlier in February, an Australian man was caught on camera, punching a crocodile after it attacked him, and tried to snatch away his dog.

In the land down under, it seems that everyone has a story about an encounter with a deadly predator, and it’s the survival instincts and quick thinking of the locals that have kept them alive.


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