In a shocking incident caught on video, an Australian man was caught on cam punching a crocodile after it mauled him and tried to snath his dog. The man in question was identified as Alister MacPhee, who was subjected to the unique life-threatening incident in Queensland, and survived the ordeal by punching the scaled predator.

Alister MacPhee, a 37-year-old man from Australia, punched a crocodile to try to save his pet dog from being attacked. MacPhee was in knee-deep water at the Bloomfield boat ramp near Port Douglas when the crocodile attacked him and then turned to attack his Rottweiler.

Unfortunately, despite punching the crocodile, was unable to save his dog, which was later found dead in the crocodile’s stomach after it was shot dead by wildlife officers. MacPhee suffered severe leg injuries and was airlifted to Cairns Hospital.

Cooktown Mayor Peter Scott said MacPhee was lucky to escape with his life but was terribly sad that he lost his pet. Northern wildlife operations manager Michael Joyce defended killing the crocodile, stating that public safety had to remain paramount. Joyce also warned people about the dangers of swimming in crocodile-infested waters.

Meanwhile, after undergoing surgery, MacPhee is currently in stable condition and remains hospitalized.

The Facts of the Matter

A horrifying incident was caught on camera as a crocodile viciously attacked a swimmer and took his dog in its jaws. Tourist Alister MacPhee, 37, was near Port Douglas with his Rottweiler and set up a camera to film himself dipping into the water, completely unaware that he was recording what was almost his own death.

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Man Caught Punching Crocodile

In the video, as he approached the water, a crocodile suddenly burst out and attacked him, releasing him before grabbing his dog. McPhee tried to fight off the crocodile, but the beast did not relent, leaving him bleeding heavily and limping with a wounded leg.

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Dog Shot Down, Dog’s Remains Found in Stomach

Wildlife Officers from the Department of Environment and Science later found and shot the crocodile. During a necropsy, the remains of McPhee’s dog were found in its stomach. McPhee was rushed to a nearby clinic and flown to Cairns Hospital, where he underwent surgery and remains in stable condition. Josh Patterson of the Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation reported that one of his rangers found MacPhee in distress and that he was lucky to be alive.

Australian Mayor Expresses Condolences

Meanwhile, Cooktown Mayor Peter Scott expressed his condolences for the loss of McPhee’s dog and emphasized the danger of the Bloomfield River, particularly during this time of year when crocodiles are more active.

“This bloke was very very lucky, but at the same time he’s lost what may have been his best mate so it’s very very sad. It’s awfully tragic that he’s lost a dog who I think was there with him and may have been trying to protect him too,” the Mayor was quoted saying.

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Wildlife Expert Gives Insight

Earlier on Friday, Northern wildlife operations manager Michael Joyce, public safety is of utmost importance, which is why the decision to kill the crocodile was made. The crocodile had developed a connection between humans and food, making it a potential risk to the community.


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