An Australian man, who recently fought off armed thieves in his underwear on Boxing Day was hailed superhero on social media. The video of the incident showed the man from Down Under using one armed thief as a ‘human shield’ and fighting off other accused armed man to save the day. The incident was reported from Gold Coast, Queensland, and the man was identified as Steve Middleton.

For the unversed, Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated after Christmas Day, on December 26. On December 26, Steve was met with one of the most dangerous situations a person can meet with – being confronted by armed robbers. Steve could’ve fled, Steve could’ve tried to raise an alarm, or worse, Steve could’ve been a victim in the aftermath of the confrontation.

However, video shows Steve channeling his inner superhero, and saving the day. CCTV footage showed Steve dressed in nothing but underwear, using one of the assailants as a human shield, as another robber tries to go after him with a baseball bat.

Speaking to media, Steve later gave an account of the incident and said, “Once the bat came out, I tried to use the young fella I was holding onto as my little shield.” Steve also said that when he realized that he was being robbed, he acted on “pure instinct”.

The Facts of the Matter

Not all heroes wear capes, some simply wear an underwear. Case in point, Steve Middleton, a native of Gold Coast, Queensland, who was caught on CCTV confronting armed robbers, and saving the day in his underwear. Steve was later hailed a superhero on social media, thanks to his theatrical confrontation which occurred on Boxing Day, a holiday celebrated a day after Christmas.

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What Does the Video Show?

CCTV footage of the incident showed the exact moment when 50-year-old Steve confronted three robbers armed with knife and baseball bat. Instead of playing it safe, Steve went on offensive and grabbed one of the accused, and used him as a human shield. As the other accused tried to hit Steve with baseball bat, he pushed forward the accused he was holding. An unidentified object is also seen falling on the ground and Steve, in his underwear, lunges forward.

Watch the Video here:

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“Oh s***, we’re being robbed..”

Speaking to Gold Coast Bulletin, Steve was quoted saying, “I woke up and saw someone going through the car through the curtains. I just assumed it was my daughter’s partner. Then I saw another head pop up on the other side, going through the other car. I was like “Oh s***, we’re being robbed”.

He added that without thinking much, he threw his underpants as he was naked, and ran outside to confront the accused.

He also mentioned that he was cut when an “old mate” swung his knife at him. Acting on “pure instinct”, Steve said that he used the other youth as a ‘shield’. “Old mate gave me a little nick with his knife.  The other old mate was swinging at me with a baseball bat, so I was using this little fella as my shield,” he said.

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Steve Wants to Go Fishing

While one would assume that such an ordeal would traumatize someone, Steve is simply looking forward to go on a fishing trip next. “As soon as the coppers came through and took the report I said ‘Am I right to go fishing yet?’ But we still had to wait for forensics to come through and do the fingerprints,” he said.


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