The trailblazer Akash Chaurasia is leading the multilayer farming campaign in India. He provides training for multilayer farming, by growing five different crops simultaneously. Award-winning farmer Akash is earning almost Rs. 30 lakh/ year employing multilayer farming techniques. He began practicing organic farming with 10 decimals in 2011. With the aid of 6.5 thousand farmers and 250 youths nationwide, Akash is currently farming organically on 18,000 acres. Akash is a skilled trainer, and popular for developing model-forming.


Akash was raised with the aim of becoming a doctor. He was raised in a family of beetle nut farmers in Sagar, a remote town in Bundelkhand, Madhya Pradesh. He said in a press release, “but I thought about how diseases, doctors, and the number of hospitals are all accelerating day by day. I came to the conclusion that all diseases are caused by what we eat and drink. And then, I made the decision to use farming as a solution to the problem’s core.

After deciding to become a farmer, Akash visited with other farmers and began to consider all the many concerns they face today, including challenges with water and fertilizers, climate shift, insect infection, marketing, and sales. He, therefore, proposed the concept of growing many crops on the same plot of land in 2014 as a remedy to all of these difficulties.

The 32-year-old, who has won over 20 national honors, has trained 12 lakh people about multilayer farming and delivered practical assistance to over 80,000 farmers.

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What is Multilayer Farming and Benefits?

A multilayer farming technique in agriculture is the strategy of cultivating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other plants on the same piece of land at different phases of growth. When compared to the alternative farming methods, multilayer farming has an 8 times greater profit at a 4 times lower price of cultivation.

Akash explained in a press interview, water does not evaporate due to the several layers of crops. In comparison to an open field, around 80% of the water is conserved. “In comparison, a multilayer field only consumes 30% of the water for 4 crops, whereas an open area uses 100 liters for one crop”. He also added, “as a result, each crop requires roughly 7% water to bloom. And around 93 liters of water are conserved against an open area fair”.

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Multilayer Farming is More Profitable and Sustainable for Farmers: Akash

According to Akash, the farmer is also making a parallel profit from each of the four crop varieties. For instance, the farmer can make money from March to July by selling leafy green veggies, in this example, spinach. The creepers, like crimson gourds, bear fruit from April to November. The underground crop, like ginger, reaches maturity and becomes marketable around August. Moreover, the papaya tree delivers its fruit from December to January. With this technique, farmers are more financially free because “there isn’t a single week in which our money isn’t being produced”. As per Akash, he makes Rs 30 lakh every year.

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Akash also Educates via his YouTube Channel

In addition to personally educating individuals, Akash also raises awareness of his efforts via a YouTube channel. He has made information easily accessible so that everyone can contribute to multilayer farming. Akash explained, “I let farmers execute all the steps by hand and educate them, from readying the bed to crafting medicine, all the way to farming. “I assist them to execute everything so that farmers don’t need to go through the inconvenience of purchasing the prototype from some of the subsidy provider firms.


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