A video showing a man getting beaten up by an angry mob for kissing his wife in Ayodhya’s Sarayu river is making rounds of social media. In the video going viral, the man can be seen being taken out of the Sarayu waters by a mob of angry men.

The men continue to hurl objectionable remarks against the man and slap him on the face as they drag him out of the waters. The incident transpired when the man in question was spotted by nearby youth hugging his wife and kissing him while they bathed in Ram ki Paidi, one of the ghats on tie Sarayu bank in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya.

The video was shared by Gulf News columnist Ashok Swain with the caption “This man did a ‘mistake’ of kissing his wife – Ram Bhakts in Ayodhya misbehaved with his wife and beat up the man! Kissing is not Indian culture, but lynching has become one.”.

According to Ayodhya Senior Superintendent of Police Shailesh Pandey, the incident is a week old and so far, no complaints have been raised in the matter by either side. As of now, the police are trying to trace the couple so that if they want to raise a complaint, they can do so.

The Facts of the Matter

According to Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code obscene acts or words at a public place is punishable. For the act to be considered a crime, the act must cause “annoyance” to anyone around.

Recently, an incident in Ayodhya has sparked a debate as to what is the measure of obscenity in India. In Ayodhya, a man was beaten by a mob of angry men for kissing his wife in the Sarayu river. The incident of the beating was caught on cam, visuals of which are making rounds of internet.

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What Did the Video Show?

The video, which was reportedly taken sometime a week ago, shows a man being dragged out of the Sarayu river by a mob of angry men. The man is beaten up by the youth for allegedly kissing a woman he was with and hugging her in the river. The woman is also seen shielding the man as the group of youths hurl abuses towards him.

One of the men who is seen dragging the man out and trashing him can be heard saying, “Don’t you have a family. Get him out of here. You should be ashamed,” as quoted in a Times Now report.

“This vulgarity will not be tolerated in Ayodhya,” said another man.

Watch Video Here:

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Putting Incident Into Context

For the unversed Sarayu river is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ayodhya that attracts flocks of devotees every day. The river is one of the tributaries of Ganga river and hence, is considered holy among Hindu devotees. As it flows in Ayodhya, the river is also associated with Lord Ram.

Netizens React to Man Beaten Up in Ayodhya:

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Police Trying to Locate Couple

According to Shailesh Pandey, Senior Superintendent of Police, Ayodhya, the video dates back to sometime a week ago. So far no complaints have been raised regarding the matter by either side. Meanwhile, the police are trying to locate the couple so that a complaint can be filed in connection to the incident, if they choose to do so.


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