Baba ka Dhaba fame Kanta Prasad was hospitalized on Thursday after attempting suicide. The 80-year-old owner of a humble eatery at South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar was rushed to hospital following a failed suicide bid. Prasad shot to fame after his video went viral earlier last year in which he shared his struggle to keep his small eatery alive.


On Friday, Delhi’s DCP Atul Kumar Thakur spoke to PTI where he revealed that Baba Ka Dhaba owner was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Kumar was quoted by PTI saying-

“On Thursday at 11.15 pm, information was received from the Safdarjung Hospital that Prasad was admitted there. Police reached the hospital and collected MLC (medico-legal case) which mentions the intake of alcohol and sleeping pills as the cause of unconsciousness.”

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Wife & Son Reveals What Happened

After the incident, Prasad’s wife Badami Devi spoke to media where she revealed that she had no idea about what her husband was thinking or what he consumed prior to taking the step. Speaking to reporters, she said-

“I don’t know what he ate, what he drank. They took him to hospital after he fell unconscious. Doctors have not told us anything. I don’t know what he was thinking.”

Meanwhile, during preliminary interrogation regarding the matter, the police was told by Kanta Prasad’s son Karan that his father took sleeping pills and drinks. After a while, Kanta was reported felling unconscious at their eatery.

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The Topsy-Turvy Story of Kanta Prasad

It all started with Kanta Prasad and his eatery “Baba Ka Dhaba” being shot to fame thanks to a video posted on social media by Gaurav Wasan. In the video, a tearful Kanta and his sorrowful wife shared their financial troubles and struggle to keep the eatery alive. The video struck a chord of netizens across the country and thousands of people came together to give donations to Kanta Prasad.


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FIR Against Gaurav Wasan for Fund Misappropriation

However, later, Prasad turned on Gaurav Wasan who shared the former’s video and set up donation links for him. Prasad claimed that Wasan was cheating him and went on to file an FIR against him. Prasad alleged that Wasan was misappropriating funds.

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Prasad Opens New Restaurant, Closes it after losses

Meanwhile, Prasad went on to open his new restaurant with whatever the donations he received. He opened the restaurant in the same region as his humble eatery was at (Malviya Nagar).

Unfortunately for Prasad, the restaurant after initial frenzy could not sustain for long and eventually crowds too thinned. Soon, Prasad shut down the restaurant and went back to running the eatary with his wife.

Prasad claimed that Rs. 20 lakhs still remained from his earnings and said that he will continue to run his dhaba until he was alive. News agency ANI Prasad saying-

“I shut the restaurant on February 15. It took around ₹ 1 lakh to run it but the returns were very poor.”

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Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Does U-Turn, Apologizes to Wasan

The story of Prasad took another turn when the 80-year-old eatery owner apologized publicly to Gaurav Wasan for his former allegations regarding fund misappropriations. In a video shared by another blogger, Prasad with hands folded said-

“Gaurav Wasan was not a thief. We never called him a thief. I made a mistake by saying ‘I didn’t call him (Wasan) but he approached us himself,’ I’d like to apologise.”


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