In what can be considered a testament of hard work and patience, internet fame Kanta Prasad, the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba, has opened a new restaurant in New Delhi’s Malviya Nagar.

“We’re very happy, god has blessed us. I want to thank people for their help, I appeal to them to visit my restaurant. We will serve Indian & Chinese cuisine here,” Kanta Prasaid said, as reported by ANI today.

Baba Ka Dhaba came into the limelight after a food blogger Gaurav Wasan shared a video of Kanta Prasad explaining how he was barely able to make ends meet due to the minimal footfall his food stall Baba Ka Dhaba received due to the COVID19 pandemic.

In a tear-jerking video that set Twitter and Instagram ablaze, Kanta Prasad and his wife who also managed the food stall with him showed dishes such as Matar Paneer, Aloo Soya with a reasonable price range.

To say the video evoked emotions would be an understatement as the video received more than 9 million views on Instagram in less than a day. Kanta Prasad also set Twitter ablaze with people coming together and urging to take a stand for local street shop vendors and eateries with #BabakaDhaba. The hashtag was one of the topmost trends in India with brands and celebrities alike coming together to promote Kanta Prasad’s food stall and help him out.

Apart from getting celebrity endorsements online, brands like Zomato and Tinder also reached out to the couple for help. 

But it all seemed to go downhill for the food stall owner after that, as he accused Gaurav Wasan of cheating and filed a complaint against him. According to Prasad, Wasan was misappropriating funds he received as donations for the food stall owner.

It seems that it all has come to a strange-sweet end with Kanta Prasad now opening a new restaurant to serve more people and earn his day’s bread with pride and honour.