In MP, doctors were left stunned in disbelief as a baby was born with horn-like organ in place of the legs. The incident was reported from Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri and the baby in question was welcomed by the doctors and family earlier on August 26.

According to a The Mirror report, the baby was not fully developed and weighed only 1.4 kgs. The newborn was admitted to the Shivpuri District Hospital and is under the care of the Special Newborn Care Unit of the hospital. It should be noted that despite the baffling abnormality, the newborn is in a stable condition.

As one would guess, after the news of the baby born with horns in place of legs spread, media and locals swarmed the hospital premises to be shocked and awed. The doctors are currently making sense of the reason behind the infant’s deformity. It is unclear whether the baby in question suffers from any health issues other than the visible deformity.

Earlier in January 2022, locals swarmed a hospital in Bihar after the news of a baby being born with four arms spread like wildfire. After the baby was welcomed, locals rushed to catch its glimpse, considering the baby an incarnation of God.

In July, a baby in Hardoi was born with four legs and for arms and was labelled ‘God’s incarnation’.

The Facts of the Matter

Centuries ago, a babies born with physical deformity was considered a curse by locals. They were ostracized, abandoned, and left to survive on their own. Those who would grow up with a shocking deformity were employed in circuses and were part of ‘Freak Shows’.

Fast forward a few hundred years later and now babies with deformities are looked with wonderment, and with improvements in medical field, they are provided the care they deserve

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Baby Born with Horns – Doctors Left Stunned

In one such incident, a baby born in Madhya Pradesh has stunned and surprised doctors. The baby, who was welcomed by its parents earlier on August 26, was born with a horn like structure instead of legs. Visuals making rounds of social media shows the baby connected to a horn like structure beneath its torso.

The incident was reported from Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri district. The newborn’s mother made the delivery in Manpura Primary Health Center and was immediately referred to the Shivpuri District Hospital for further treatment and care.

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Baby Weighed only 2.31 lbs, In Stable Condition

Reportedly, the doctors found out that the newborn was not fully developed and weighed merely 2.31 lbs at the time of birth. For the unversed, a fully developed infant ideally has an average weight of 7 lbs at the time of birth.

While the child was underdeveloped, it is being reported that it is in stable condition. The infant has been under supervision of doctors in the Special Newborn Care Unit of the Shivpuri based hospital.

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Similar Incident was Reported from Bihar

While the deformity is unique in its nature, this is not the first such incident of doctors being stunned by a miracle baby. Earlier in January 2020, a newborn born with four legs and four arms was labelled ‘god’s incarnation’. The news was reported from Katihar district, Bihar.


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