In a bizarre incident, a Bangkok man recently cremated his dead’s wife body after living with the corpse for over 21 years in one room. The elderly man in Thailand, Bangkok, had been living with her wife’s corpse for over two decades, as a sign of his “eternal lover” for her, believe it or not.

The 72-year-old elderly has been identified as Charn Janwatchakal, who cremated his wife earlier on April 30, almost two decades after her passing. Reportedly, the man earlier lived with his two sons and wife. However, after his wife’s passing, his sons decided to move out as they were not in agreement with his decision to keep the wife’s remains.

The elderly had been living with the body of his wife, which was kept inside a coffin, in a small rickety concrete house. Following the incident, video and pictures of Charn crying and taking the coffin outside his home are going viral on social media.

In the video gone viral, he could be heard saying, “You are just going for a brief business and you’ll be back home again. It won’t be long, I promise.”

The Facts of the Matter

How far can a person go to immortalize their love for someone? We all know the story of emperor Shah Jehan who constructed one of the most mausoleums in the world, the Taj Mahal. However, today we are going to tell you the story of an elderly man in Bangkok, who went on a bizarre path to show his eternal love for his wife.

When 72-year-old Charn Janwatchakal’s wife passed away over two decades away, he decided to continue living with her, as in, her corpse. Unable to part with his wife, Mr. Charn spent days and weeks and months and years, and now, two decades with his wife’s dead body in a coffin in his house. It was only recently that he finally cremated his wife in Bangkok.

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Man Calls Foundation to Finally Cremate Deceased’s Wife

The story of Mr. Charn Janwatchakal was brought to fore by the Phet Kasem Bangkok Foundation who took to Facebook and wrote an elaborate post. Earlier on Friday, the 72-year-old elderly called the foundation to hold a funeral for his late wife. The foundation staff was shocked to find out that his wife had passed away back in 2001.

No Info On How Body was Preserved

The foundation staffers were in for further shock as they visited the elderly gentleman’s home following the phone call. They found that Mr. Charn lived in a one-bedroom rickety concrete home with the corpse of his wife kept inside a coffin. It should be noted that no information as to how Mr. Charn kept the body preserved, has been reported.

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Why Bangkok Elderly Didn’t Cremate Wife for Two Decades

The elderly man explained the foundation staff that he had continued keeping his wife’s body for years because he didn’t want to be separated from his soulmate. He also told the foundation members that he had earlier wanted to stay with his wife’s lifeless body until he himself died.

However, he realized that if he would pass away, there would not be anyone to hold a funeral for her. It should be noted that Mr. Charn lived with his wife and two sons. However, his two sons moved out as they were not in agreement with their father’s idea of keeping his wife’s corpse.

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“I won’t be long”: Heartbreaking Words of Farewell

As the staff was removing the body of his wife, Mr. Charn was reportedly heard saying, “I still miss you every minute and my love for you has not changed. After the incident, video and pictures of Mr. Charn weeping in grief as the coffin is taken to funeral house, is going viral on Facebook. Mr. Charn can be heard saying, “You are just going for a brief business and you’ll be back home again. I won’t be long, I promise.”


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