After weeks of speculation and rumours Indian gaming community is swept with joy as the pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India have opened up. Today we will be talking about how to register for the game, what are the system requirements of Battlegrounds Mobile and other key details.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to register?

1) To register yourself, first go to your Google Play Store and search “Battlegrounds Mobile India”.

2) Once you see the game with the Krafton, Inc developer below the name, click on “Pre-register” option.

3) After clicking the Pre-register button, you can enable the “Install when available option”, which will make sure that the game downloads and installs the moment it is released by the developer.

Krafton has promised that those who register for the game will get some exclusive pre-registration perks. As per the video uploaded by the Battlegrounds India official YouTube channel, the perks include Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert & Title300 AG.

Along with announcing that the pre-registration of games are open, the developers of the game also released a small teaser which has been the cause of excitement in the gaming community.

Check out the video here


Battlegrounds India System Requirements

According to sports and game news media company Sportskeeda, there have been several leaked screenshots making the round of the internet that show the game’s official Play Store description page.

According to the leaked screenshot images, the game will come with a Lightweight Installation option like its official predecessor PUBG. To the uninitiated, a Lightweight Installation option drastically reduces the size of the game. Sportskeeda states that the game’s APK will be around 610 MB and the players will get the option to download additional resource modules from the game itself.

The game and sports news publisher also said how the game will be widely accessible to the fact that it will be able to run on any Android smartphone that is 5.1.1 or above with 2 GB memory at least.

5 features about Battlegrounds Mobile India we know so far

1) The game developers have finally understood the Indian gaming market. One of the biggest criticisms of PUBG came in the form of parents calling out their kids for spending hours and hours on the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile will make sure players under the age of 15 won’t be able to play more than 3 hours in a day. Further, these players can only spend a sum of Rs. 7,000 per day for in-game purchases.

2) To make sure players under-18 get their parents’ consent, Players Underground India will have these young players provide contact details of their parents and take consent from them to play it.

Further, the game developer Krafton will be giving an option to the parents to reach out in case their underage children have shared information without consent.

Once a parent tells them the situation, the company will wipe off the player’s information from their system.

3) In 2020, PUBG was banned by the Indian Ministry of Information Technology for security purposes. It seems that the game developer has learnt its lessons.

Players Underground India is created from ground-up with keeping security in mind. Players’ information like IP address, device information, browsing behaviour, and player information will be served locally in India.

4) According to the teasers released so far, it looks like the game will retain the Miramar map and the complete experience from PUBG game will remain similar.

This means that players who were well versed with the game with years of practice will not face a learning curve and get started where they left off.

5) According to a Sportskeeda report, all the old accounts and the inventory brought within PUBG can be made use of in Players Battleground.