On October 13, BCCI revealed Indian team’s ‘billion cheers jersey’ for the T20 world cup. Fans are wondering why it has 3 golden stars, and if you’re also a curious soul – we’ve got you covered. After the thrilling IPL encounters conclude, players across the world are going to assemble again to play for the shining ICC T20 World Cup trophy. The tournament is all set to begin on October 17 and team India is scheduled to lock horns with Pakistan on October 24.


As intensity of the smallest format of cricket increases and attention spans of cricket fans decrease, fervor around T20 cricket is at its all-time high. The Indian Premier League is a prime testament to the fact that millions of Indians love tuning in for a cricketing encounter that ends under 4 hours. To satiate the needs, the ICC organizes the T20 World Cup every two years.

Recently, team India’s jersey for the upcoming World T20 was released.

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The Facts of the Matter

According to reports the BCCI launched Indian men’s cricket team’s final jersey ahead of the T20 World Cup that is scheduled to be hosted in UAE. The first leg of the tournament is all scheduled to be played on October 17 with Oman and Papua New Guinea fighting it out for the super 12 round. Meanwhile, the Indian cricket team is already in the super 12 round and will commence its campaign on October 24.

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The New ‘Billion Cheers Jersey’

The Indian cricketing board chose to stick with the classy navy-blue colour that Indian team has been known for. ‘Men in Blue’ will feature in a jersey which will have shades of navy blue and a lighter shade of blue. The new design gives the young Indian T20 team a whole new young vibe. Meanwhile, the country’s name will be printed in the center written in Orange.

Interestingly enough, the jersey features the BCCI logo on the top-corner and also features 3 golden stars on top of it.

What’s the Story Behind 3 Golden Stars on Indian Team Jersey?

As different medals on a decorated soldier’s uniform tells a story of each victorious war, the three star signifies the three major World Cup victories by the Indian team. For the ones who may need a recap – the Indian team won the first 50 over World Cup in 1983, the second World T20 World Cup came in 2007 under M.S. Dhoni’s leadership, and the second 50 over World Cup came in 2011 when India was playing against Sri Lanka.

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New Rumors on the Upcoming Indian Squad for T20 World Cup

The final 15-person squad will be finalized by October 15. However, the rumour mill is ripe with speculations about who will make it and who won’t. While no major changes are expected, fans of all-rounder maverick Hardik Pandya must be crossing their fingers and toes.

Meanwhile, Shardul Thakur is in all likelihood to be part of the main team if Hardik is put in the reserve players. Further, Umran Malik who stunned IPL viewers with his pace and accuracy has been asked to stay back and serve as the net bowlers.

The team looks to be a promising balance of the young and experienced. Further their mettle will be strengthened as former Indian skipper M.S. Dhoni will be serving as team mentor.