Shruti Das, the Bengali Actress who acted in Trinayani and Desher Maati recently took to the police after she was trolled for her skin tone. While the Bengali cinema space is often lauded is a relatively progressive space where mature themes have been explored by directors like Satyajit Ray, Rituporno Ghosh, there are instances like these which is a reminded that Indian masses and their storytellers have a lot of work to do.


Celebrities, influencers and sportspersons are often on the receiving end of trolling and online harassment. Due to the veil of anonymity and distance, online trolls break all the limits and troll people from actors to activists on their personal lives, their body weight, their fashion sense.

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Online Trolling – No celebrity untargeted

Further, in a country full of dusky people, these online trolls also go on to make derogatory comments about a person’s complexion. Most celebrities find a way to deal with these trolls. Some block them, some ignore them, and some also take them to task and give them a piece of their mind.

Popular Bengali actress Shruti Das – who has starred in Bengali TV dramas like Trinayani and Desher Maati – too has been known for receiving online trolling. Das is usually targeted by trolls for her skin tone.

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Shruti Decides to Put her Foot Down

While she earlier used to ignore the trolls and make her own way, Das decided to put her foot down and took to the Kolkata Police’s cyber cell and filed a cyber complaint on July 1, Thursday. The, model and actress who made her debut in 2019 claimed that for the last two years she was on the receiving end of trolling for her skin tone.

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Trolling was becoming increasingly personal

However, Das said that the ordeal had reached to a point where she was done getting shamed for her skin tone. Das claimed that the nature of trolling was becoming increasingly personal by the day and she had to take a proactive step to curb it.

Speaking to Press Trust of India, Das said-

“Initially, everyone around asked me to ignore the trolls, and so did I. But it only got more vicious with time. I am in a steady relationship with the director of my first TV serial ‘Trinayani’, and the hate brigade, after getting to know that, has been making distasteful remarks, questioning my character and my talent.”

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“If I took it, it would give them more reasons”: Das

The actress continued and said that she was done taking it ‘lying down’ any further. She claimed that if she continued to do so, the online trolling would have gotten stronger.

“I thought if I take it lying down any further, it would only give them more reasons to continue with this hatred,”

-Das said, speaking to PTI.

Tagging Kolkata Police on Facebook

On her Facebook posts, where she drew a lot of hurtful and abusive trolling, Das tagged the Kolkata Police and made the police aware of the ordeal. After that, the Kolkata Police asked her to send them an email with all the details to the Kolkata Police Cyber Cell.

A senior police official, familiar to the matter claimed that the police is looking into the matter. Reportedly, the official was quoted saying-

“The cyber cell of the Kolkata Police has received an email from actor Shruti Das regarding the online abuse that she had been facing because of her dusky skin tone.”

“The actor, in her complaint, has said she had been receiving such hatred since 2019. She has also attached screenshots of the social media comments,”

-the officer added.