In a concerning development coming from Bengaluru, a 21-year-old young man was held for posing as lesbian and luring women into sending him nudes on Instagram. Reportedly, the young man is a B.Sc final year student. The accused has been identified as Prapanch Nachappa a resident of Fraser Town, Bengaluru. The accused had set up a fake Instagram account earlier last September and started out talking to women in the pretext of finding a partner. After getting confidence of the women, he spoke to, he lured them into sending nudes. Later, he used to ask money, threatening that if they don’t pay up, he will share it online. According to reports, the accused blackmailed as many as 30 women, most of whom, were college students.

The Facts of the Matter

‘Sextortion’, a cyber-crime to have plagued the west in the past two decades, has lurked its way towards India as well. Although majority of its victims are women, it can be used against both men and women. In such cases, victims are enticed by the accused to share their nudes or intimate pictures. They then go on to store the images and use them for extortion.

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Meet the Accused Prapanch Nachappa

Recently, the menace revealed one more accused who used similar methods to lure women and blackmail them later. The accused has been identified as Prapanch Nachappa, a Fraser Town, Bengaluru resident, who’s in the final year of his B.Sc course. The accused has been arrested on the charges of blackmailing young women by posing as a lesbian woman on social media.

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Prapanch Posed as Pratiksha, Started Luring Women

The accused made multiple fake profiles on Instagram earlier last September and sent women requests. He posed as ‘Pratiksha’, a lesbian woman. On his profile, he added pictures of women to appear legitimate. He also lured women claiming that he was looking for a lesbian relationship. He coaxed women by claiming that the society had shunned him due to his sexual preference.

To further win the confidence of his victims, he shared a couple of nudes to them, claiming the pictures were his. He also told the victims that he was in the world of modeling and can help them become a model.

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Victim Shares Her Private Pictures, Accused Pays for Same

During this time, another woman befriended him on the social media platform. The girl also shared some private images and videos of hers. It should be noted that the accused paid the victim a sum of Rs. 4,000 for each private picture she shared.

The accused started using the pictures and videos to blackmail the girl. When the girl blocked him, he started to threaten her by creating new accounts and blackmailed her to pay up or her videos will be circulated.

Police Unearths Shocking Details

The incident was brought to the light of police after the same girl took to the police and filed a complaint at the Halasur police station. According to the police, the accused extorted at least 2 lakhs from about 30-40 women. From each victim, the accused extorted somewhere between Rs.4,000 to Rs. 10,000.

Similar Incident Reported in January

Earlier in January this year, a similar incident was reported in Delhi. The Delhi Police’s special cell arrested a man for creating fake social media accounts in a woman’s name and sharing her private pictures on the same. Reportedly, the victim met the accused on a matrimonial platform. During the period of their courtship, the victim shared some intimate pictures with the man. When the marriage could not be fixed, the accused started blackmailing the victim. He acted on his threats and went on create a social media profile with the woman’s name and shared the pictures she had shared.


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