In a heartbreaking incident reported from Bengaluru, a mother-daughter duo who were allegedly allergic to dogs, died after the woman’s in-laws refused to let the pet dog go. The police have claimed that prima facie the woman was depressed and the case is that of suicide. The deceased were identified as 36-year-old Divya R and her 13-year-old daughter Hrudaya S. The incident was reported from east Bengaluru Banaswadi.

According to reports, Divya was allegedly suffering from breathing issues and her doctor had insisted her to not be around dogs as she had developed a skin allergy. When she asked her husband and in-laws to let go of the pet dog, they refused to pay heed to her.

The conflict between the wife and the in-laws intensified and Divya R had in the past threatened to take her life if the pet didn’t go. Earlier on Monday this week, Divya and her in-laws had another argument over the same issue.

Upset over the same, Divya locked herself with her daughter in a room. Concerned that Divya did not come out of the room after a long time, her in-laws checked through the window, and found the duo had died.

A case of abetment to suicide has been registered against the husband Srinivas and the in-laws.

The Facts of the Matter

Arguments related to a pet dog in home resulted in the alleged suicide of a 36-year-old woman and her daughter in Bengaluru. During the preliminary investigation, the police claimed that prima facie the case is that of a suicide and that the woman was depressed over her arguments and conflicts with her husband and in-laws.

The incident was reported from Banaswadi, Bengaluru and the deceased were identified as Divya R and Hrudaya S. While Divya was a homemaker, her 13-year-old daughter was a class 6 student. As per reports, Divya suffered from breathing issues and had developed skin allergy.

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Deceased was Asked to Stay Away from Dogs

One of the doctors she had consulted had insisted that she stay away from dogs to get over her ailments. When she requested her husband and in-laws to let go of the pet dog they had, she was met with refusal of her request.

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Repeated Arguments, Threat of Suicide

This in turn became a big point of conflict between the two sides, with several arguments and confrontations occurring because of the issue. As the conflict over this issue intensified, Divya went as far as threatening that she will take her life if the pet dog is not given away. However, she took no such step in the past.

As per Divya’s father’s complaint, earlier on Monday, Divya and her in-laws had another similar argument regarding the same issue. This time, Divya went into a room with her daughter and locked it from inside.

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In-Laws Found Mother-Daughter Dead, Arrested

Concerned over the fact that Divya and her daughter did not emerge from the room after a long time, the in-laws decided to check on them through the window. This was when they found the mother-daughter duo dead.

Following the incident, a case of abetment to suicide was filed against the husband and in-laws. The husband is identified as Srinivas, the father-in-law as Janardharn, and the mother-in-law as Vasanth.

The trio were sent to judicial custody after being produced in the court.


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