In a shocking video surfacing on social media, a bus driver was seen savagely thrashing a biker in a road rage incident. The accused bus driver was later suspended for his horrific actions. According to reports the incident occurred earlier on Tuesday afternoon and occurred in Yelahanka area. The accused in the matter was identified as Ananda PB while the victim of the senseless beating was identified as 44-year-old Sandeep Boniface.

The shocking video of the incident shows the aggressive bus driver thrashing the motorcyclist blue and black. While the motorcyclist tries to defend himself and attempts to back off, the bus driver keeps assaulting the man. At one point, another man tries to intervene and somehow save the victim of the beating.

According to reports, the accused driver alleged that the motorcyclist showed him a middle finger. The victim of beating has sustained injuries due to the assault which took place somewhere near Kanti Sweets in Yelahanka area.

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist has claimed that he signaled the bus driver to go ahead and his hand-gesture enraged the bus driver, who considered it being shown a middle finger. The bus driver got down from the bus, and hit the motorcyclist on his helmet.

An FIR has been registered by the cops based on complaints filed by both the parties.

The Facts of the Matter

Aggression, when remained unchecked, often leads to horrific incidents of senseless crimes of assaults, harassment and often, heinous murders. In one such incident of horrific assault over a trivial reason, a bus driver in Bengaluru was caught on camera thrashing a motorcyclist after the latter allegedly showed him a middle finger.

In the alleged incident of road rage, reported from Bengaluru’s Yelahanka area, and occurred earlier on Tuesday. The accused in the matter has been identified as Ananda PB while the victim was identified as Sandeep Boniface.

The entire incident was caught on video recorded by the passengers of the bus, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

The barely 8-second video is enough to send shiver down’s one’s spine. The video shows the bus driver going berserk on the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist tries to back off and defend himself. However, the driver’s aggression proves too strong to be subdued and the driver continues on his assault. Eventually a person tries to intervene and separate the bus driver from the passenger.

Watch the Video here:

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What Provoked the Bus Driver

According to reports, the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital by his friends, following which he filed a complaint against the accused driver.

As per the complainant, he was riding with his wife on the pillion when two BMTC buses were trying to overtake each other. Somewhere at Puttenahalli, he signaled the accused bus driver to go ahead with his hands.

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Bus Driver Alleges Motorcyclist Gave him a Middle Finger

However, his hand gesture provoked the bus driver who alleged that the motorcyclist had given him a middle finger. The driver stopped his bus and got out of the bus, following which he took the bike’s key away and attacked the motorcyclist. He also took the motorcyclist in the bus and locked the door from inside.

Both the sides have filed a complaint against each other and the bus driver remains suspended.


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