In the Bengaluru flyover accident that has sent shockwaves across the country, a new CCTV footage has emerged which shows 2 people thrown off by a speeding car. The two persons were heading to Hosur from Bengaluru when a speeding car flung them off from a flyover. Eventually, both the persons fell 40 ft down on a highway below the flyover to their death.

The flyover accident comes just 2 weeks after 7 persons, including the son of a DMK leader, died in an accident. The 7 persons, which including 4 men and 3 women, were not wearing a seatbelt. The incident was also recorded in a CCTV.


Bengaluru is known for its intense crawling traffic, its startup culture, and for being the largest city in India, area wise. However, it’s also infamous for is road accidents statistics. In 2020, the city registered the third-most number of road accidents across all cities in India.

The Silicon Valley of India saw as many as 768 deaths in 4,684 accidents, reported Deccan Herrald. The numbers showed a small dip, when compared to that of 2018 and 2019 numbers. Back in 2018, as many as 870 people died in accidents while in 2019, 810 people died.

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The Facts of the Matter

On September 14, two persons were killed after they were knocked off from the city’s Electronics City flyover. The two persons, which included a woman, were flung off when a speeding car hit them. According to reports, the persons killed have been identified as Premam (30) and Krithika (28), employees of a multinational company. The duo was a resident of Tamil Nadu.

The Deceased Had Stopped on the Flyover

Reportedly, the now deceased were traveling towards Hosur, Tamil Nadu from Bengaluru on a bike on the Electronics city flyover. They had stopped on the flyover when a high speed Baleno came out of nowhere and knocked them. The impact of the knock was so intense that both the persons were thrown off the flyover.

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The Initial Cause of Accident

While the cause of the freak accident is still under investigation, it has been reported that the car driver lost the control of his vehicle when he was trying to overtake another vehicle. After veering to the extreme left on the flyover, the car eventually stopped only after it hit the wall of the flyover.

CCTV Footage Shows the True Horror

After the accident, multiple footages have surfaced that show the horror that transpired within seconds. In one such footage, one can see the flyover and the usual flow of traffic. The about minute long video’s beginning is such that one can’t anticipate what’s to come.

At multiple points during the whole footage, a person’s finger can be seen pointing at where the viewers must focus to catch the accident. At 19-second mark, one can see the silhouette of two figures vaguely.

At around 23 second mark, a car comes out of nowhere and hits the two persons so hard, that they are literally flung off and knocked out of the flyover.

According to reports, the now deceased suffered a free fall of about 40 feet and fell on the highway that ran below the flyover. They suffered immediate head injuries, and died on the spot. Their identities were revealed on the wee hours of Tuesday night and their bodies were reported to have kept at the Saint John’s hospital.