In a news coming from Bengaluru, frustrated with potholes, city residents resorted to conducting a ‘Pothole Pooja’ to invoke the ‘Pothole God’. Visuals of two priests sitting down cross legged around a large pothole filled with murky water has gone viral and has been evoking some hilarious reactions. The entire pothole is decorated with flower garland and the priests can be seen holding a pooja and chanting mantra. According to an India today report, the ‘pooja’ attendees were the residents of Bengaluru’s Bharathinagar situated in central Bengaluru. The residents, in their own way tried to draw Bengaluru’s civic body Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s attention.


Often, we’ve heard the phrase – ‘It happens only in India’. The phrase indicates certain situations emerging only in India and the response to them is equally ‘desi. The pothole menace in India has been present since time immemorial. And its responses over the last few years have been strange, quirky and attention grabbing.

One such famous response to the pothole menace came in 2019. A Bengaluru resident conducted a ‘moon walk’ and went viral. The video showed a man wearing astronaut’s suit and walking over a pothole, making fun of the fact that the pothole looked like a moon’s crater.

A similar incident is coming from Bengaluru once again where a bunch of people held a pooja to invoke Gods to handle the pothole menace.

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The Facts of the Matter

A strange and thought-provoking scene unfolded in Bengaluru on Wednesday.  A group of people sat around a pot hole filled with water and – wait for it – held a ‘pothole pooja’ to invoke gods. The entire ordeal was recorded on video and has since gone viral.

Reportedly, the ‘pooja’ was conducted near Cox Town in Central Bengaluru with residents of Bharatinagar acting as attendees. In the video gone viral, two priests can be seen chanting mantras and throwing holy water inside the pothole. A ceremonious fire is also lit and a flower garland is decorated around the pothole.

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Pooja Done to Call Out Bengaluru Civic Body

Reportedly, the pooja was a way through which Bharatinagar residents wanted to draw the attention of the Bengaluru civic body. Similar to the ‘Satyagraha’ shown in the film Lage Raho Munna Bhai, the residents did the pooja so that the civic body feels the shame and acts accordingly.

1 KM Stretch of Road Laden With Potholes

A Deccan Herald report claimed that the residents were unhappy with the state of the Charles Campbell Road. The residents claimed that an entire kilometer stretch of the road is filled with potholes and the road is important as it leads to Shivajinagar, Murphy Town, Fraser Town, etc.

The report also quoted Bharatinagar Residents’ Forum’s N.S. Ravi saying, “Around 50,000 people use this road every day. We have seen motorcyclists skid and fall. There have been minor accidents, too, but the road has not been repaired for the last three year.”

Watch the Video Here:

Unique Ways Indians Have Protested Against Potholes

Earlier this year, some residents of Bhopal’s Hoshangabad Road adopted a unique way to draw attention of civil authorities towards the pothole menace. The residents held a mock fashion show in which the women protesters did a mock catwalk on a road filled with pothole. Dressed in sarees and gowns, the woman gracefully walked on the waterlogged potholes.

‘Astronaut’ Does a ‘Moon Walk’ On Bengaluru Street

Back in 2019, Baadal Nanjudaswamy became viral for his thought-provoking and hilarious pothole protest. The man artist wore an astronaut’s suit and pretended to do a moon walk on the pothole laden road at Bengaluru’s Tunganagar Main Road.

Karnataka Pothole Protest Turns ‘Fishy’

The same year, in Karnataka’s Shivmogga city, protesters found a unique way to call attention to pothole menace. To display how fishy the attempts of civic bodies were in filling the potholes, the activists resorted to fishing over a pothole.