In Bengaluru, a gang of 6 people, including 3 women, were caught on CCTV smashing a 30-year-old man’s head withs tones, and killing him in process. Harrowing video caught on CCTV shows the victim ambushed by the gang and having his head smashed brutally by stones. The incident was reported from Bengaluru’s KP Agrahara and occurred earlier on Friday last week.

In the shocking video, a man can be seen being ambushed by a group of six people, including three women. One of the men points his finger at the women in group, and meanwhile, the victim in the matter tries to fight back. The group somehow picks up an argument amongst themselves. Later, one of the women picks up am large heavy stone and then strikes the victim with it.

A man picks up another stone, aims it at the victim’s head, and crushes it as other people in the gang continue to tightly hold him. The one-minute-fourty-second video shows the accused man continue attacking the man and others also picking up stones to smash the victim’s head.

The victim in the matter was rushed to the hospital, and was declared dead. Meanwhile, a hunt has been initiated to nab the gang.

In a separate incident, a 60-year-old man in Bengaluru murdered his paralyzed and bed-ridden wife to “end her suffering”.

The Facts of the Matter

Bengaluru is one of the major business centers in India, with a technology start-up eco system thriving and booming since over a decade. However, like most major cities, the city’s underbelly continues to be affected adversely by crimes over trivial matters and murders arising due to unknown reasons.

In one such incident reported from Bengaluru, a gang of 6 people, including 3 women and 3 men, murdered a 30-year-old man by smashing his head with stones. The incident, which occurred earlier on Friday in KP Agrahara area, was caught on CCTV, visuals of which are making rounds of social media.

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What Does the Video Show? (Discretion Advised)

In the video gone viral, a man can be seen ambushed by a gang of three men and three women. The one-minute-fourty-second-video shows the group somehow picking up an argument amongst themselves, with one of the men in the group raising his finger at a woman, and further going after her for a brief moment.

Soon, matters escalate when the accused group focus on the man they are surrounding, and hold him tightly. Soon, a woman goes to a corner and picks up a heavy stone. She smashes it on the victim’s head, and meanwhile, another woman also follows the same ordeal. Soon, other members of the gang also attack the victim by stones and smash his face and head.

Watch the Video here (Discretion Advised):

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Local heard Victim’s Scream

As per reports, the gang of accused attacked the victim sometime around 12.30 am earlier on Friday. When a local heard the screams of panic and agony, he rushed to the spot, only to spot the gang fleeing from the spot. The local alerted the cops, and the victim’s body was shifted to the Victoria Hospital.

A TOI report quoted Deputy Commissioner of Police Laxman B Nimbaragi saying, “Three men and three women are involved in the crime. The deceased’s identity is not known yet. We are trying to identify the person.”


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