In the Bengaluru gangrape case which shook the nation, it has been ascertained that one of the accused men used TikTok to trap women and later push them into human-trafficking. Meanwhile, the Bengaluru police has brought back the survivor from Kozhikode to the city where the investigation now continues. According to the police, the 23-year-old survivor was trafficked to India from Bangladesh 3 years ago.


Last week, Bengaluru police held 5 men and 2 women in the connection of a sexual assault and torture of a woman in the Ramamurthy Nagar region. The police cornered the alleged accused who tried to flee when the they were being taken to the crime site for investigation and the police shot them in their legs. The police swung into action after a video of sexual assault and torture was shared all across on social media.

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25-year-old Ridoy Babu, who is among the primary accused in the Bengaluru gangrape and torture case was interrogated and investigated by the Bengaluru police. During the investigation it was ascertained that Babu was a TikTok user and was famously known as TikTok Hridoy Babo in the Bangladesh capital.

Primary Accused used TikTok fame to befriend women

According to Bengaluru police, Ridoy Babu’s real name is Rifadul Islam and used multiple aliases like Ridoy Babu and Hriday Babo. During the investigation, the police ascertained that he was a TikTok user who used to shoot videos on the platform and shared them. In the guise of being a TikTok fame celebrity, he used to make friends with women with the pretext of making videos with them. He also used to traffic women after trapping them with false promises of bringing them to Bengaluru and helping them with jobs.

“Accused misused popularity and supplied women to traffickers”: Police

A Times of India report quoted an officer associated to the investigation saying-

We learnt that Ridoy had shot videos with girls and uploaded them on an online platform and gained popularity in Bangladesh. He misused his popularity and supplied women to the traffickers by promising jobs in Bengaluru and other cities. Ridoy is being treated in hospital and we’ll question him in detail to know his role in human trafficking and also in the rape case.”

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Survivor brought back to Bengaluru from Kozhikode, Kerala

Meanwhile, the survivor of the gangrape and torture who had fled to Kerala was brought back by the police to Bengaluru. The woman had to first undergo all the mandatory medical tests pertaining to torture and rape at the Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital.

Dr. Sharanappa, Deputy Commissioner of Police, East division, Bengaluru City was quoted by news platforms saying-

“Our team traced her in Kerala on Saturday and bought her from Kozhikode on Sunday.”

Investigation so far: A video, an investigation, an arrest & a shooting

The Bengaluru police arrested 5 men and 2 women in the connection of the gangrape case of a Bangladeshi citizen in Bengaluru’s Ramamurthy. The issue came into the light after the video of the crime was shared by the alleged criminals on social media. It was first the Assam Police that said that the gang of criminals shared the video of the heinous act to their friends in Assam, West Bengal and other regions of Northeast. The Assam police also promised a reward to however brings a credible information regarding the gang.

Later, the Assam police was able to trace the location of the phone from where the video was shared (Bengaluru) and gave an alert to the respective city’s police. The police swung into action and within hours on Thursday the police arrested the alleged criminals from a rented house in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru East.

During the preliminary investigation, the police brought the alleged criminals to the same spot where the crime was done. According to the police, 2 of the accused tried to flee and attacked the police with stones during their attempt to evade. The police were forced to shoot the accused who were trying to flee and in the process 1 police official got injured.

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