In what can be labeled as a Bengaluru Horror show, a woman and her daughter died trapped in an apartment fire in the city. Video surfaced after the incident, enough to chill their spine and raise the hair on their body in shock.

The video has been making the rounds of Twitter which shows the woman first being cornered by the apartment fire, and then being ablaze in the fire itself. Needless to say, viewer discretion is advice as the video can be triggering to some of our readers.

The women who died in the terrible tragedy were 60 years old and 82 years old.


Tragedies come in all sizes and shapes. Yet, the excruciating weight loss that comes after the tragedy subsides is incomparable. Recently, Bengaluru has witnessed some terrible tragedies inflicted on unassuming individuals.

Last week, 2 persons who were standing unsuspecting on a flyover when they were thrown off by a speeding car. Similarly, 5 persons from the same family, recently hanged themselves in a mysterious mass suicide. All these incidents remind us that tragedies can come out of nowhere.

Recently, another tragedy struck the city when 2 women were caught in an apartment fire and died after being trapped. These are the facts of the matter…

The Facts of the Matter

In a terrible turn of events, 2 women (mother-daughter duo) died after they were trapped in their apartment which caught fire. While the investigation into what caused the fire is still underway, the local officials are claiming that it could have been caused by an LPG cylinder blast.

According to the reports, the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Amar Kumar Pandey said that the incident was reported at around 4.35pm on Tuesday. The apartment building in question was Aspire Apartments in the Devarachiknahalli. “By 4.50pm, the nearest fire fighting vehicles had reached the flat. Residents of the apartment complex were evacuated,” ADGP Pandey further added.

What the Video Showed

As the incident was unfolding, some people took grim videos and images of the incident. In videos that last for a few seconds, people can hear absolute chaos and people screaming. On a more focused view, one can see the apartment in question and the silhouette of a woman cornered by the flames. The woman is on the edge of her balcony.

The situation takes a darker turn when the woman catches the fire herself. In the background, people can be heard shouting helplessly.

Watch the Video Here:

As mentioned earlier, the video can be disturbing to some of our viewers. We advise discretion.

Locals Give Account of the Incident

After the accident, locals were approached by news platforms to share their account of how things transpired. An eye-witness and the resident of a neighbouring apartment said that he came out when he heard a sound like that of an explosion.

He said that on the second floor of the apartment building, a woman was on fire and was screaming for help. As the balcony was grilled, no one could save her in the end, the man added.

Similarly, a vegetable vendor claimed that he went to the apartment on smelling smoke. He said that when he went to the apartment, it had already caught fire. He added that in the balcony, a woman was talking to someone on her phone. Within a few minutes, the fire engulfed her and she was charred.

Who Were the Deceased Mother-Daughter Duo

Reportedly, the two women that met the tragic end were Bhagyarekha (60) and Lakshmidevi (82). Meanwhile, Bhagyarekha’s 62-year-old husband also sustained some injuries, and was rushed to the hospital.

Bhagyarekha Had Come to USA on Monday

According to a The Hindu report, Bhagyarekha resided in the apartment with her mother. In the next apartment resided Bhagyarekha’s daughter. Bhagyarekha and her husband had just come back to India after visiting their second daughter in USA. The couple had been recovering from jetlag after coming back to India on Monday.