In a shocking incident reported from Bengaluru, a man reportedly died after he fall from the terrace while he was trying to hoist the national flag. The incident was reported from Bengaluru’s Hennur and occurred in a building in HBR Layout earlier on August 14. According to reports, the deceased was a 33-year-old software engineer and was identified as Vishwas Kumar. Vishwas was employed in a private tech firm in Bhartiya city.

Earlier on August 14, sometime around 1.45 pm, Vishwas Kumar went to the terrace of his building located in HBR Layout. He climbed the parapet of the terrace to tie the flag to a pole. This was when he accidentally slipped and fell to his death.

Vishwas was rushed to the Sagar Apollo Hospital. However, at around 5 pm, Vishwas was declared dead. He succumbed to grave injuries to his head. According to a TOI report, Vishwas was the son of a priest Narayan Bhat and was married to Vyshali. He is survived by his parents, a wife, and his 2-year-old sister.

In a similar incident reported from Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, a man died of electrocution while putting up a flag on Independence Day. Mohan Patel, was putting the flag on an iron road which reportedly came in contact with a supply line.

The Facts of the Matter

As the nation celebrates the 75th year of its Independence, observes the 76th Independence Day, and ‘harghartiranga’ campaign is in full swing, some concerning reports have emerged from multiple corners of the nation.

While one man fell to his death from the terrace of his residence while hoisting the national flag, another man got electrocuted while trying to do the same.

The first incident was reported from Bengaluru while the second incident was reported from Madhya Pradesh.

Bengaluru Techie Dies While Hoisting Flag

A 33-year-old techie from Bengaluru reportedly fell to his death after he was trying to hoist a flag on the terrace of his building. The incident was reported from Bengaluru’s Hennur and occurred earlier on August 14.

The 33-year-old deceased was identified as Vishwas Kumar. Kumar was employed at a private IT firm and was living with his wife Vyshali, their two-year-old daughter, and parents. The family lived on the ground floor of a 2-floor apartment building in the HBR Layout, Hennur.

How Bengaluru Techie Fell to his Death

Earlier on August 14, at around 1.45 pm, Vishwas took to his terrace to hoist the country’s national flag ahead of the nation’s 75th Independence Day. He climbed the parapet of the terrace to hoist the flag but eventually accidentally ended up slipping. He fell from the terrace to the ground and suffered injuries to his head.

He was rushed to the Sagar Apollo Hospital but eventually succumbed to death due to the aforementioned injuries.

Khargone Man Gets Electrocuted

In a similar incident reported from Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district, a 45-year-old man got electrocuted while he was putting up a flag on a shop. The incident was reported from the Narmada Road, 80 km from district headquarters, under the Barwaha police station jurisdiction.

Iron Rod with Flag Comes in Contact with Power Supply

Earlier on Saturday, August 13, Mohan Patel, an employee at a grocery store, was trying to put the national flag on an iron road. Somehow, the rod got in contact with a power supply line on the roof of the building. This was when Mohan got electrocuted and succumbed to his ordeal.

Based on the incident, a police complaint was registration, and further investigation will be conducted, Barwaha police station in-charge Prakash Vaskale informed.


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