In a baffling incident reported from Bengaluru, a man reportedly hid in the women’s restroom overnight at an electronics store to steal phones for his girlfriend. We have all heard of the phrase “love ke liye kuch bhi karega”, made popular by 2001 comedy film of the same name. However, the man in question really proved that one can do anything for love. The accused in the matter was identified as 27-year-old Abdul Munaf.

The incident was reported from Bengaluru’s J.P. Nagar and occurred earlier on July 20. According to CCTV camera footage, the accused entered the shop as an unwitting customer and avoid all suspicion till the shop got closed and the staff left. He then stole six phones, took to the washroom, and spent the night there.

The next morning when the store got opened again. The man again fooled the staffers at the showroom, and walked out of the shop as if he was a customer. The incident was reported from a Chroma store and the man walked away with phones worth Rs. 5 lakhs.

In the end, the police traced down the accused thanks to IMEI information, and took him into questioning. During questioning he revealed that he wanted to impress his girlfriend, and hence committed the theft.

The Facts of the Matter

“Jiyega, marega, sooli chhadhega, love ke liye sala kuch bhi karega…”

This is an excerpt from the lyrics of popular song “Love ke liye kuch bhi karega (anything for love)” sung by Udit Narayan and Sunidhi Chauhan. Recently, a man in Bengaluru proved the notion correct when he spent a whole night in the women’s restroom, and stole as many as six phones to impress his girlfriend.

The incident was reported from the Chroma store in Bengaluru’s J.P. Nagar. The accused in the matter was identified as Abdul Munaf.

Abdul’s theft was caught on camera, visuals of which were narrated by local reports.

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Man Caught on CCTV

In the CCTV footage, the accused can be seen entering a shop as a customer, browsing phones. The shop gets closed, and the staff leaves. Meanwhile, the accused, who somehow managed to avoid all suspicion, ends up stealing six smartphones.

He then goes to the washroom, spends the night there. Come next morning, he simply leaves the store when the store is open again.

Complaint Raised, Accused Arrested

A complaint was raised in the matter, and soon the police started investigation. Based on the IMEI numbers of the phones, the police were able to trace down the accused and took him into questioning. During questioning, the accused revealed shocking details regarding the theft.

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Wanted to Impress Girlfriend Whom he Met on Instagram

A native of Bihar, Munaf told police that he works at a restaurant in the BTM Layout. He claimed that he met a girl on Instagram and wanted to impress her by gifting her expensive phone. He decided to steal the phones from the showroom and started looking on the internet on how to steal phones from a showroom. Based on the videos, he formulated a plan.

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Putting Plan into Execution

On July 20, he came to the showroom as a customer. When the showroom was shut and the staff left, he went to the ground floor of the establishment, stole seven phones, and came back to the ladie’s restroom.

After spending the night there, he took the lift back to the basement, and walked out the store. He however, dropped one of the phones he stole while leaving, which was recovered by the store staff.

The police told media that Abdul stole phones worth Rs 5 lakhs. He gifted one of them to his girlfriend, and had kept other ones with him. He was planning to sell them and had also started using one of them.


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