In Bengaluru, a man had double whammy after meeting with an accident, and waking up to eventually find his scooter, silver chain, and other valuables missing. The incident was reported from Bengaluru’s Razack Palya where the man, identified as Arun V, fell on the road after hitting a hump, lost his consciousness, and then found his valuables missing. The incident took place earlier on January 30, with FIR filed earlier on March 3.

According to reports, Arun was on his way to buy food for a bhajan session planned at his residence in memory of his recently deceased uncle. While making through a narrow stretch near Droupadamma temple, he hit a hump and fell from his scooter, and got dragged for a few meters before he lost complete consciousness.

When Arun regained consciousness, he realized that his scooter, mobile phone, silver chain, and Rs 5,500 cash were missing. His brother searched for the scooter in the area, but to no avail. Arun was taken to the hospital, where he stayed for 10 days and had to spend Rs 35,000 on his treatment.

He decided to file a police complaint after a month-long search for his scooter yielded no results. The police have registered an FIR in connection with the theft.

The Facts of the Matter

A “double whammy” incident occurred when a person was robbed after meeting with an accident. The incident is a classic retelling of the combination of two unfortunate events that happened to the victim in quick succession, resulting in an even greater setback. Such issues not only shed light on the importance of having better security, but also raise questions on the disappearing humanity among people.

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Vegetable Vendor Meets with Accident

Earlier on January 30, it was an uneventful day for Arun V, a vegetable vendor, who was on his way to buy some food for people who had gathered at his residence for a bhajan session. The bhajan session was being held as a tribute to Arun’s recently deceased uncle.

As he made through from Siddapura near Lalbagh to Kalasipalya, his scooter hit a minor hump on the road, causing him to lose his balance and fell on the road, losing consciousness. It was an hour later when his elder brother found him lying on the road, and sprinkled some water to help him regain consciousness.

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Theft in Aftermath of Accident

A worrying realisation soon took over Arun, who found that his scooter was missing. Giving an account about the aftermath, he was quoted by TOI saying, “When I woke up, my scooter had vanished along with my mobile phone, silver chain and Rs 5,500 cash. Some men passing through the street might have stolen the vehicle and other valuables.”

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Triple Whammy – Spent Rs 35,000 in Hospital After Being Robbed

Due to the accident, Arun remained admitted for the next 10 days and his brother undertook the responsibility to look for the missing scooter, but to no avail.

“The area is familiar to us and we enquired with everyone. But no one knew who had taken away the vehicle. Since the street was narrow, no one might have noticed the theft. I had to spend Rs 35,000 on my hospitalisation,” Arun was quoted saying.

After unsuccessful attempts at looking for the missing scooter, Arun decided to take to the local police and filed a complaint. Based on the complaint, the police registered a case of theft and initiated an investigation.


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