A woman in Bengaluru recently had an unexpected experience on the dating app Bumble. Eepsita Gupta, a user of the popular app, matched with a potential suitor who had an unusual proposition. Instead of asking her out on a date, he suggested a business deal.

The man proposed that Gupta add a line to her dating profile promoting his investment fund. In return, she would receive a percentage of the profits, known as “carry,” from any startup founders who reached out to him for funding after seeing her profile.

“You add a line plugging my fund and telling founders to reach out to me if they’re raising. If I end up investing in any of them I’ll give you a percentage of the carry of those companies,” the man texted her.

Reaction Highlights City’s Startup Culture

At first, Gupta was taken aback by the bold proposal on a dating platform. However, it highlighted the close intersection of dating apps and Bengaluru’s thriving startup ecosystem.

Amused and surprised, Gupta shared screenshots of the conversation on Twitter, joking it was a prime example of “peak Bengaluru.”

The incident quickly went viral, gaining over 100k impressions. Many were astonished that an investor would solicit business on a dating app. Some saw it as an innovative attempt at lead generation, while others debated the ethics of propositioning women on dating sites.

“This is almost like trying to sell cricket bats to those who have walked into a baseball shop,” one user quipped.

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Story Embodies Bengaluru’s Iconic Startup Culture

While views differed on the appropriateness of the investor’s offer, most found the story entertaining. It fueled Bengaluru’s reputation as India’s startup capital, where ambitious entrepreneurs dream up unconventional ideas.

“Yeah how business is done – real hustler,” one commenter admiringly wrote about the bold proposition.

For Gupta, it provided amusement along with a tempting business offer. She has not indicated whether she will accept the proposal for “carry” in exchange for promoting the man’s fund.

But the incident exemplifies Bengaluru’s unique culture of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. It’s a place where dating apps and startups intermingle, and a random app match can spur creative new business ideas.

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