In a hair-raising incident reported from Bengaluru, a youth got his fist and thumb served in the aftermath of an ugly bar brawl, only to lose the fist to a street dog which allegedly took it away. The shocking series of unfortunate events was reported from Bengaluru’s Kurubarahalli area which comes under the Mahalakshmipuram Police station limits and occurred earlier on October 29.

On Saturday, October 29, 21-year-old Prajwal was at a bar called Kadamba with his friends. The night of fun and folly quickly turned dark after Prajwal and his friends got into an argument with another group present in the bar. Reportedly, the two groups had a heated argument over tissue paper. Allegedly, Prajwal and his friends threw tissue papers on the other group, which infuriated them.

The heated argument between the two groups got to such a point that the bar staff had to intervene and threw them out. The already inebriated men then decided to stop for a smoke. Their simple decision turned into a grave one, after the group they fought with followed them.

One of the men pulled out a machete to attack Prajwal’s group. While his group fled, Prajwal couldn’t leave. The machete was aimed for neck, however, Prajwal extended his arm to block it, and lost his thumb and fist.

The Facts of the Matter

A fun night of partying can quickly turn into disaster once alcohol and rage come into the mix. Earlier last month, a man in Ghaziabad got into an argument over parking spot, and was killed by having a brick smashed on his head by the accused over the trivial matter.

In a similar incident, a youth lost his fist and thumb in the aftermath of an ugly bar brawl. Shockingly enough, the 21-year-old victim’s thumb and fist were taken away by a street dog, CCTV footage indicated. The victim in the matter was identified as 21-year-old Prajwal, currently a resident of Moodalapalya.

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Heated Argument at Bar Over Tissue Paper

On October 29, Saturday, Prajwal was at the Kadamba bar with his friends identified as Megharaj, Yogesh, and Koushik. The group were partying in the bar when another group also entered the scene. Matters took a turn for worse, when the other group alleged Prajwal’s group of throwing tissue paper at their table.

Group Thrown Out of Bar

The two sides got into a heated argument and amid all the exchange of abuses and shoving, the bar staff intervened. Prajwal and his group were thrown out of the bar along with the other group. Prajwal and his friends then decided to stop for a smoke at around 1.30 am when the other group that they had earlier clashed with arrived at the scene.

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The Heart-Stopping Attack & Aftermath

One of the men in the group pulled a machete out and attacked Prajwal. While his friends fled the scene, Prajwal was stuck to fend for himself. As the machete was aimed at his neck, Prajwal extended his arm in a desperate bid to block it, and in process got his fist and thumbs severed.

Prajwal was rushed to the hospital and was admitted in the hospital in the night.

The very next morning, his mother came to know about the entire ordeal, and rushed at the crime scene, to collect her son’s fist and thumb. Finding it missing, she filed a complaint at the local police station.

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Strays Take Away Fist & Thumb

The cops analysed the CCTV footage from the crime scene, which indicated that the stray dogs may have taken away the fist and thumb of Prajwal. Meanwhile, two attackers have been identified as Harish and Ajith, and the former has been arrested.


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