Comedian and host Bharti Singh just shared her story about being improperly touched by several event coordinators in the past. “Somebody rubbed their hand on my back,” she recollected from the awful experiences. I had no idea and understanding.


Bharti Singh, a standup comedian who has made great strides, is now famed for her comic timing and hilarious one-liners. The comedian, who is regarded for her ability to amuse people, has had a daunting journey. Her hidden side is just something that few people know about.

Bharti is fond of Maniesh Paul’s dialect potential and their soulful friendship. The incident happened when Bharti just while listening to Maniesh Paul’s Podcast Gripping Untold Stories, reminiscing her late father, starvation, a near to death encounter, and much more.

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Bharti Collapsed While Maniesh Paul’s Podcast

She Said-

“The coordinators wages us ‘You are extremely fine, Bharti,’ they say and press their hands across my back.

I notice it’s not a nice feeling. He can’t be nasty, though, because he’s my uncle. Maybe I’m mistaken. So I concluded that this didn’t feel right, but that uncle couldn’t possibly be wrong. I didn’t have any idea. But now I’m ready to battle for my body and honor. I am strong in my potential to fight. What exactly is the problem? What exactly are you staring at? Now I’m able to speak. Initially, I lacked guts.”

Eventually, the actress developed the confidence to express her disgust when she was improperly touched.

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Bharti Confesses Her Fears

Bharti also cited instances when they didn’t have enough food at home. She also confessed that her family is still averse to an opulent lifestyle Bharti added that although her brother worked in a store, her sister and mother wove blankets in a factory.

Her mother also served as a cook in other people’s houses. Bharti did not want to stay at home because of all the massive blankets. “Ghar Jaane ka Mann Nahi Karta Tha” (I didn’t want to go home).

She further stated-

“I’d stay with my friends at college and dine at the hostel”. I knew I’d have to deal with destitution if I returned home.”

“Whenever she enters the costume department, she is constantly “traumatized” by the cacophony of sewing machines.

“I’ve been living in that cacophony for the past 21 years. I don’t want to return there again. I don’t have great aspirations, but I constantly pleading to God that I will be able to maintain what I have. We’ve been eating salt and Roti, but now we’re eating Dal, Sabzi, and Roti. All I seek is that my family always has Dal to eat,”

-Bharti said, giving an account of her trials.

Singh stated-

“I will definitely do not wish to encounter the circumstances or have my family experience it.”

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The Maniesh Paul Podcast

Maniesh Paul is an interactional converser who has the proficiency to have a soulful interaction with anyone rendering him one of the most cherished hosts in the nation. He is Snooty, amiable, and a people-to-people person.

The comedian, actor, and presenter produced ‘The Maniesh Paul Podcast’ via his YouTube account, which showcases insightful interview sessions with individuals from many facets of life demonstrating his excellent interpersonal prowess.