In a blood-curdling incident reported from Bhopal, a 3-year-old nursery school student was allegedly raped by her school bus driver. Following the incident, 2 people have been arrested, including the bus driver. The incident was reported earlier on Tuesday from the Madhya Pradesh capital. According to reports, the 3-year-old victim of the harrowing crime was the student of a well-known international school in Bhopal.

According to Bhopal police additional commissioner Nidhi Saxena, the incident occurred earlier on September 8. Allegedly, the girl was raped by the bus driver in the presence of the woman attendant in the bus itself. After raping the 3-year-old nursery student, the bus driver changed her dress with another spare one that was kept in the school bag. Reportedly, a spare dress is mandatory for nursery students.

The incident came to the fore after the victim reached her home and her mother inquired about the dress change. This was when the victim mentioned the school bus driver. She also told that the school bus driver touched her face and body. The victim had earlier complained of having pain in her private parts to the mother, who initially didn’t pay heed to the complaint.

The accused in the matter are identified as Hanumant Jatav and bus attendant Urmila Sahu. Both have been booked under sections of IPC and POCSO Act.

The Facts of the Matter

Another horrifying act of crime against a girl child was reported from Bhopal, shedding light on the fact that women and girl child continue to be marginalized and victims of horrific acts. In the most recent incident, a 3-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a bus driver.

The victim, a student of a prominent Bhopal-based international school, was in the school bus when she was sexually assaulted by the bus driver. Reportedly, the accused committed the crime in presence of a female attendant who was also in the bus.

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Accused a Father of Two Minor Girls

The accused have been identified as 31-year-old Hanumant Jatav and the bus attendant Urmila Sahu. The incident occurred earlier on September 8, and was reported on Monday. According to reports, the primary accused himself is the father of two minor girls.

As per a TOI report, 31-year-old Hanumant Jatav started working as a bus driver at the school three months ago. On Friday, during an investigation, the victim picked him from a bunch of pictures. On Monday, the child underwent medical examination which confirmed sexual abuse.

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Mother Senses Something Awry

Earlier on Friday, when the victim returned from the school, her mother was alarmed seeing that her daughter was wearing the spare set of clothes that she carried in her bag as per the school mandate. When the victim’s mother spoke to her daughter regarding the same, the victim didn’t say much.

The mother then spoke to the school administration regarding the same. The principal and class teacher both denied changing the victim’s dress in school. Meanwhile, the worst nightmare for any parent turned true for the victim’s parent when she complained of having pain in her private parts.

When the victim’s parents counselled her, the victim mentioned about the role of the bus driver in changing her dress. She also told the parents that the bus driver touched her inappropriately.

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Both Accused Blaming Each Other

Earlier on Monday, the victim’s parents finally filed a complaint. It should be noted that the parents didn’t approach the police on the weekend as the school was shut. Meanwhile, the bus driver and female attendant have been booked under sections of IPC and POCSO Act. Further, they are blaming each other for changing the dress.


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