You don’t need to be rich, to start a noble work” – proved true by a 34-year-old Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal auto driver Javed Khan who converted his three-wheeler into a 24X7 free available ambulance.

The auto-ambulance being loaded with sanitizers, medicines, PPE kit and oxygen cylinder already helped 10-12 peoples and almost saved 2 lives, who were in the dire need to reach hospital, but couldn’t grasp a hospital ambulance due to its shortage and at that gloomy period Javed auto-ambulance supported them.

While interacting with New agency he said “I saw on social media and news channels how people were being carried to hospital due to shortage of ambulance” and so he thought to use his technical skills and abilities to improvise his auto into a lifesaving unit. “I received a lot of support from my family members, as my wife Kishwar told me to sell her gold locket, in order to refill oxygen; it takes 4-5 hours to refill it” he added.

In the later course of time, he also received donations and calls from across the country for contributions as well, to help him to continue his service until the pandemic is over.

“I see people struggling without oxygen, even when they call ambulances, and ambulances are charging 5,000 -10,000 rupees. How will a poor person be able to afford it? Especially in the pandemic crisis when most people don’t have income” – all those questions provoked him aloud to come out with this innovate idea of auto-ambulance.

‘All hero doesn’t wear cap’ and this superhero proved it. He spends four to six hours a day to get the cylinder refilled, and for his safety he put up a plastic barricade in the vehicle to maintain social distance from the passenger.

On May 1, Javed was responding to one SOS call when the police detained him for violating the lockdown and ‘illegally transporting’ oxygen. Later on Inspector General of police, Bhopal A.Sai Manohar cleared all  the dilemma against this case that Bhopal police had clarified this case and Javed was neither arrested nor the oxygen cylinder in his auto is seized and added that Javed is passed on a special permission to carry out his mission.

And thus, the hero is back in his mission. He has stopped carrying route passengers so that he can devote his entire time to the needy. Khan also put information about his ambulance on social media groups. On asked for how long MR. Khan will continue his service, Khan replied, “I will not hesitate even if I have to borrow money as people are in desperate need of help. My priority is to save the people.”

He urges citizen to say at home, and help people in these tough times. “jo ghar ke bahar nahi nikal paa rahe madad karne,who corona kaal ke heros ko ghar beth ke hi support karien” he concludes.