In a heartwarming development, a brave mother of a 10-month-old baby reportedly put her baby on the ground and jumped into the flash flood to save a stranger drowning in the water. The 32-year-old braveheart was identified as Ravina and the incident was reported from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

According to reports, Ravina spotted two men drowning in an overflowing waterbody and decided to intervene. While she could’ve waited to raise an alert as she had her own 10-month-old baby to tend to, she decided to waste no time and intervened.

The story is bittersweet as Ravina could only save one of the drowning strangers. In one of her interviews, she mentioned that had she received help from any of the dozens of people seeing the ordeal, she could’ve saved the other man as well.

The two men who found themselves drowning in the overflowing waterbody were identified as Jitendra Ahiwar and Raju Ahiwar, both farmers by profession. When Ravina saw the two men drowning, she put her infant on the ground, and jumped in the water. She was able to swim to Jitendra and brought him to safety. Unfortunately, she couldn’t save Raju, whose body was found a day later.

While she successfully saved a man’s life, Ravina was heartbroken for not being able to save Raju.

The Facts of the Matter

“You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics”.

Bhopal’s Ravina proved the quote by late poet Charles Bukowski true by saving the life of a drowning farmer. The fact that she kept her baby on the ground to rescue the drowning man made her actions all the more applause worthy.

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Mother Sees Men Struggling in Water

Earlier on Thursday, 32-year-old Ravina spotted two farmers struggling against the flow of an overflowing waterbody. While she did have her baby in her arms, she took the call of not wasting a single moment and put the baby on the ground.

Saving Life of Jitendra Ahiwar

In a display of selflessness and bravery, she jumped in the overflowing waterbody and managed to grab one of the men, identified as Jitendra Ahiwar, and brought her to safety. Unfortunately, when she returned to save the second man, Raju Ahiwar, she found him to be taken away by the strong wave of water.

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“Could have saved them both..”

The braveheart from Bhopal remained heartbroken despite saving the life of Jitendra Ahiwar. “There were dozens of men standing and watching the two men drown. If even one of them had helped, we’d have saved them both,” she was quoted saying. The body of other victim was discovered the very next day.

According to reports, both Jitendra and Raju were trying to cross the waterbody, and ignored the warnings by the locals who asked them to take a different route. As they walked a few steps into the relatively calm water, they were instantly swept away by a strong current.

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‘Didi bachao’: Ravina Gives Account of Events

This was when Ravina, who lives in a small shanty, saw them. She was cradling her baby who was in her arms. Despite the treacherous water, Ravina decided to put the baby aside and save the life of the drowning men.

Ravina was quoted in an NDTV report saying, “He was shouting, ‘Didi bachao’. I did not think twice. He is from my village, I know him. I know swimming, and I was sure I would save him. I tried to save the other man too, but failed.”


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