In interesting turn-of-events, Big B’s Bodyguard Jitendra Shinde was transferred after reports of his earnings about Rs. 1.5 cr per year surfaced. Shinde, who is a Mumbai Police constable, has been transferred to the DB Marg Police Station.

He was given the due transfer by the current Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale. Constable Shinde was part of Mr. Bachchan’s X-category security which comprises of 3-4 police constables giving him security.


Bodyguards of Bollywood actors and actresses have a job cut out for them which is quite opposite to bodyguards of CEOs or political leaders.

Not only do these bodyguards have to be a protective shield between swarm of fans and actors, but they also have to be consistently vigilant of neurotic fans that may harm the celebrity. Thus, it makes sense that for actors who may be earning tens of crores per year, employ bodyguards who end up earning close to a crore, and at times, even more than that.

Meet Jitendra Shinde – With a Salary More than CEO’s & CTO’s

Recently, reports of one such bodyguard earning a hefty sum ended in him being transferred and relieved from his position.

We are talking about Jitendra Shinde – the bodyguard of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. On August 26, news platforms were filled with reports of Shinde earning a salary more than that of a CTO or a CEO.

According to reports, Shinde earned Rs. 1.5 crore per year for protecting the megastar.

What Else Do We Know About Jitendra Shinde?

According to reports, Shinde, a Mumbai Police constable, was serving as a guard in Mr. Bachchan’s X-Category security which lets him have multiple police constables at all time for his safeguard. While all the reports were unverified, it also claimed that Shinde ran a security agency under his wife’s name and gives additional security to other securities.

Why Was Amitabh Bachchan’s Bodyguard Transferred

It should be noted that according to the new transfer policy for Mumbai Police, a constable cannot serve for more than 5 years in a particular post. Shinde was clearly in breach of the policy as he had been serving as Mr. Bachchan’s bodyguard since the past 6 years.

While reports are stating that Shinde has claimed that the Rs. 1.5 crore amount hasn’t come from Mr. Bachchan alone, a departmental inquiry has been ordered to ascertain whether he got the amount illegally or not.

Salaries of Other Popular Celebrity Bodyguards

When one thinks of Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan, or Deepika Padukone, or Anushka Sharma, one may think of the them as actors waving their hands to the hordes of fans surrounding them.

But if one really focuses on the same image, one would also see the image of cardon of guards, at times armed, serving as a shield to those celebrities.

Shera AKA Salman Khan’s Shadow

salman khan with shera

With great responsibilities, comes great earning. Popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera is quite famous as Khan among the actor’s fanbase. The bearded bodyguard Shera aka Gurmeet Singh enjoys a salary of Rs. 15 lakhs/month (Almost Rs. 2 crores per year).

King Khan’s Bodyguard Earns the Most

shahrukh khan with ravi singh

Dubbed as Bollywood Industry’s “king”, Shahrukh Khan is known for living his life king size. From owning a huge mansion in Mumbai, to breaking breads with sportspersons and politicians, Khan does it all.

While Khan is consistently on the move, one person is known to never leave his side – Ravi Singh. Ravi is Khan’s bodyguard who has been working for him since a decade. He too earns a whopping Rs. 2.7 crores per year.

This is What Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone’s Bodyguards Earn

Meanwhile, actresses like Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone too render services of bodyguards who stand by their side through thick and thin and pay them exuberantly.

anushka sharma with sonu

While Sharma’s bodyguard Prakash Singh aka Sonu earns Rs. 1.2 crores annually, Padukone’s bodyguard Jalal earns Rs. 1.2 crores per year.