In Bigg Boss OTT, Moose Jattana came out as bisexual on the show. But if like many you’re wondering, who is Moose Jattana, we’ve got you covered. For the unversed, Moose is one of the 13 participants in the Karan Johar hosted OTT version of the massively followed reality show Bigg Boss.

While the faces like Ridhima Pandit, Neha Bhasin and Milind Gaba are familiar, Moose aka Muskan Jattana came out as an unfamiliar contestant, but is now turning out as the most loved one.


To no one’s surprise, the OTT edition of the reality show Bigg Boss is turning out to be a popcorn-munching worthy entertainment. Every passing day there’s a new revelation, a new conflict, a new budding friendship, and a lot of entertainment, which we as Indians like to call – ‘masala’.

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The Masaledar Bigg Boss OTT Week

Unlike the regular television version of Bigg Boss which is hosted by Salman Khan every year, the OTT edition of the show is being hosted by the sassy-gossip loving producer, director Karan Johar. Earlier this week, Shamita Shetty and Divya Agarwal made the beginning of the show interesting as they got into a verbal spat with co-contestant Pratik Sehajpal. The fight happened over ration and when it escalated, Divya ended up calling Pratik a ‘keeda’.

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Moose Jattana Comes Out as Bi

Interestingly enough, Pratik became indirectly responsible for another revelation. During the live-feed of Bigg Boss OTT, Pratik asked his co-contestant Moose about her sexual orientation. To which, Moose shared how she is, “more attracted to the boys”. She further said-

“On the spectrum, the connection with a girl is more important to me.”

She also shared how she would like to marry a girl in future if she develops a strong relationship. In a slowly liberalizing India where people from all sexual orientations are coming out, and receiving support, Moose is sure to grab a lot of support in future.

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Akshara Singh Upset with Moose

While Moose waved the metaphoric pride flag in the show, she also evoked emotions from fellow contestent Akshara Singh. Akshara Singh is a Bhojpuri actress and in the show claimed that Moose was rude to her. It just so happened that Akshara was speaking to fellow house mates Nishant Bhat, Milind Gaba, Neha Bhasin, Raqesh Bapat and Pratik Sehajpal. During the conversation she shared that when she had asked her to look for Milind, she used cuss word very casually.

In a tone which made it obvious that Akshara was annoyed, she said-

“She also made a comment about my work saying ‘Ye jo tum Bhojpuri gaana waana gaati ho (These Bhojpuri songs that you sing)’. She spoke like this.”

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What Do We Know about Moose?


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A social media influencer and an activist, Moose is quite popular on Instagram and has over 1,86,000 followers on Instagram. A feminist to her core, her Instagram handle says she’s Moose – however her real name is Muskan Jattana.


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Born and brought up in Chandigrah’s Mohali, Muskan went on to study in Australia where she became the youth ambassador of the Australian South Asian Centre. An advocate of human rights, she also has a knack for writing poetry. On her Instagram, one can see her obvious connection to the art and craft of poetry.