In Bihar, a baby born with four legs and four arms attracted flocks of visitors. The baby is being called God’s incarnation by several people from the region. The new mother of the baby has also achieved celeb status after she gave birth to the baby earlier on January 17 in Katihar district.

After the baby was delivered, the news of multiple limbs and arms spread like wildfire. Several people from across the region visited the hospitals and took pictures and videos of the baby, whose gender has not yet been revealed. Although people with religious inclination are considered the baby to be a God’s incarnation, doctors have come out and have claimed that the extra legs and arms are because of a pregnancy complication.

Back in 2014, newborn boy in China came to the world with four legs and as many hands. The extra pair of limbs were of a parasitic twin. Later, the doctor successfully removed the extra pair of limbs from the baby’s body.

The Facts of the Matter

According to the UNICEF, every day as many as 67,385 babies are born in India. Several thousand newborn babies become a reason for the happiness of the family who was waiting for the baby to be born for months. However, its only special instances where a baby’s birth in the second most populated country becomes a news. Recently, a baby born in Bihar instantly made news for having a very special physical attribute. The baby is born with four arms and four legs.

Yes, you heard it right. The baby has an extra pair of lower and upper limbs. After the birth, the news of the special baby spread like wildfire and people from all across the region flocked to visit the hospital. Since then, the baby is also being considered a reincarnation of God.

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Baby With 4 Arms Reminds People of Lord Vishnu

For the unversed Lord Vishnu is one of the deities in India who has 4 arms, and thus, it makes sense that people with religious inclination are making such connections. However, after the birth, the doctors confirmed that there are no religious connotations associated to the baby and the extra pair of limbs is actually a birth defect that may have emerged due to pregnancy complications.

Ultrasounds Showed No Defects

The baby’s father on the other hand, claimed that during the preliminary ultrasounds and related tests, the doctors claimed that the baby would be normal. After the delivery, the West Bengal residing father claimed that his baby has now become the center of attraction and conversations.

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Surgery Needed, Family’s Financial Situation Not Great

According to an Aaj Tak report, the baby’s family wants the baby to have a normal life ahead. For this they would need a surgery. However, due to the financial crunch that the family is in, they may not be able to afford such a surgery or a similar course of medical intervention.

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Similar Incident Was Reported from Gopalganj

Earlier in December 2021, a similar incident was reported from Bihar’s Gopalganj district. When Rabina Khatoon got admitted to the community health center for the delivery of her baby, little did she know that she and her baby would become local celebrities. Reportedly, Khatoon delivered a baby who had three arms and three legs.

Khatoon and her newborn baby became local celebs instantly and several people tried to visit them and see the newborn baby. However, due to the baby’s condition, it could not be fed for multiple hours. This led to his condition get worse and the baby was admitted to the SNCU.

Much akin to the Katihar situation, the mother of the baby had gotten an ultrasound test done during her pregnancy, but the doctors weren’t able to catch any abnormality.


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