In a baffling turn-of-events, a dog in Bihar’s Gaya was found to have applied for a caste certificate, prompting the authorities to look for the accused pranksters and rejecting the application. The dog, called “Tommy”, had its entire application filled, with even the name of parents, address, and its profession mentioned in the application. The bizarre story comes from Guraru Zonal office in Gaya.

According to reports, the matter came to the fore in the aftermath of the caste-based survey that started earlier last month in Gaya. Authorities who were checking the online applications for the caste certificate were left baffled and later annoyed when they were made to check the application of a dog needing a caste certificate.

Technically speaking, the application was filled appropriately, with a proper Aadhar number mentioned along with the date of birth and profession of the applicant. However, the authorities were left annoyed when the saw a dog’s picture in the place of the passport size photo.

Along with the passport size picture of the dog’s face, were its name, profession and the names of parents mentioned. In the place of profession, the word “student” was mentioned. Meanwhile, the parents of the dog were written as “Sheru” and “Ginny” two equally famous names for dogs given in India.

The Facts of the Matter

Identification cards and documents are meant to be serious and professional, but sometimes, the names on them can be anything but. Strange names and applications often make authorities do a double take, maybe raise a smile, and often, go after some pranksters for their mischief.

In one such incident reported from Bihar’s Gaya, a dog was found to have applied for a caste certificate.

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Caste-Survey Starts in Bihar

It should be noted that the Bihar government started its caste-based survey for the state earlier on January 7. As the caste-based survey ended up January 21, the authorities have been receiving applications for caste-certificates from locals residing in the state.

Authorities Receives Application from Dog

Recently, the authorities in Gaya were dumbfounded when their eyes met one such certificate application. The application appeared to be the most normal of applications, with the Aadhaar number, the date of birth, the parents’ names, and the profession provided. However, what shocked the authorities was the picture of a dog in the place of a passport sized picture of the human applicant.

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“Tommy”, Son of “Sheeru” and “Ginny”

When the authorities checked the other relevant details, they were left scratching their heads. In name of the applicant was “Tommy”, one of the most common names for dogs in India and across the world. Further, in the name of the parents, “Sheeru” was written as the father’s name while mother’s name was mentioned as “Ginny”.

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Tommy Works as a “Student”

Shockingly enough, the birth date was mentioned as early as April 4, and the location was written as village Pandepokhar, Panchayat Rauna, ward number 13, circle Guraru. “Tommy’s” profession in the caste certificate application has been mentioned as “student”.

“Raja Babu” Appears on Truecaller

No prizes for guessing, as the caste certificate application stands rejected. Furthermore, the local police are now on the lookout for the pranksters. As per Circle Officer Sanjeev Kumar Trivedi, when they dialed the phone number mentioned in the application, the name of a ‘Raja Babu’ appears on Truecaller. The Aadhaar number when verified, surfaced as one that is fake.


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