In a shocking incident reported from Bihar, an electrician went on to cut off the power supply of an entire village just so he could meet his girlfriend in dark. His plan however ended up poorly as the villagers caught him red handed. The incident was reported from Ganeshpur village in Purnia district.

According to reports, the electrician was in habit of cutting off the electricity’s power supply whenever he wanted to meet his girlfriend. However, the villagers sensed something awry and decided to investigate the matter. While the idea of an electrician cutting off power supply to meet his girlfriend in dark may sound too ridiculous and Bollywood-esque, what transpired next is equally filmy.

After the villagers found out that it was the electrician who was responsible for the mischief, they decided to teach him a lesson. They busted the two lovers at a local school. After the man confessed his mischief, the villagers acknowledged his actions with blows, punches and smacks.

The villagers then paraded the man around to teach him a lesson. It should be noted that the villagers have not filed a complaint against the electrician.

The Facts of the Matter

In 2008’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Surinder Sahni (played by Shah Rukh Khan) works in electricity department. To woo his partner, he has his colleague cut off the supply to a city and has “I Love You” written through the shape of city lights. Recently, an electrician apparently took inspiration from the film, only to be beaten up and paraded around by villagers.

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Villagers Notice Random Power Cuts

The strange incident was reported from Ganeshpur village, located in Bihar’s Punia district. It all started with the villagers of Ganeshpur started noticing random and frequent power cuts for a couple of hours during evenings. On some basic investigation, the villagers found out that it was only their village that was suffering from the power cut while other villages remained lit up when their village had a power cut.

Electrician’s Ploy Unraveled, Villagers Make a Plan

A few more power cuts, and some investigation later, the residents of the village found out that it was the electrician who was cutting off the supply as per his convenience to meet his girlfriend in the darkness. It may seem too filmy an incident to be believed, what happened next is something that feels all the more Bollywood-esque.

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Couple Caught Red-Handed

To nip the bud of the ongoing issue once and for all, the villagers hatched a plan to catch the electrician red-handed. As the power supply was cut off the next time, the villagers came together and started looking for the electrician and his girlfriend. Their search ended at a government school where the love-drunk couple were caught red handed.

The electrician received the prize for his mischief in the form of blows, punches and smacks. To drive the lesson home, the villagers also paraded the electrician around the streets.

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Locals Marry Off Mechanic and his Girlfriend

The incident ends on an even more filmy note. After the villagers found out that the electrician was cutting off the supply to meet his girlfriend, they got the couple married to each other. A Tribune report quoted a local saying, “The man was married to the girl in the presence of the Sarpanch and other village council members.”

No Police Action

Meanwhile, no police complaints have been filed against the electrician for his mischief. The police came to know about the matter, but as there hasn’t been any complaints, they have not taken any action. It seems that the love story of the mechanic met its blissful climax.


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