In a horrific development, a Bihar female constable was reportedly thrown off a moving train for resisting snatching attempt. Her condition is reported to be serious and it is also confirmed that the woman was on duty.

The incident was reported somewhere near Katihar railway station, Bihar, and occurred earlier on June 14. The woman was thrown off the train somewhere near the Katihar railway station, the spot where she was supposed to deboard the train. The survivor of the incident has been identified as Arti Kumari, a lady constable.

According to reports, the victim is a native of Nalanda district. The matter came to the fore after she was found lying somewhere near a track and was rushed to a nearby hospital. After being checked at the nearby hospital, she was rushed to the Katihar Medical College and hospital where her condition was reported to be serious.

While giving her statement to the government railway police officials, the victim said how four miscreants tried to snatch her mobile phone. When she tried to resist their snatching attempt, the four miscreants shoved her off the moving train.

The incident comes at a time when crimes against women, including sexual assault and harassment, are regularly reported from railway stations and moving trains.

The Facts of the Matter

In another shocking incident of crime against woman committed in moving train, a lady police constable is seriously injured after being thrown out of a moving train by miscreants when she resisted their snatching attempt. The woman subjected to the trauma has been identified as Arti Kumari and the incident occurred earlier on April 14 near the Katihar railway station, Bihar.

The Incident As It Happened

Reportedly, Arti Kumari was standing near the train door of the moving train with her phone in her hand. As the train was slowing down while approaching the next station, four miscreants cornered her and tried to snatch her phone.

When Arti tried to resist the attempt of snatching, one of the miscreants shoved her out of the moving train following which she received multiple serious injuries. It was not until locals spotted her lying near the railway tracks that she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

“Was rescued after 20 minutes”: Lady Cop

From the nearby hospital, she was taken to the Kathihar Medical College and Hospital for further treatment. While giving her statement, Arti Kumari was quoted by an ANI report saying, “He tried snatching my phone. When I retaliated, he pushed me from the moving train and fled. There were few passengers on the train, and I was rescued after about 20 minutes.”

Different Version of Incident from Cops

Strangely enough, another constable gave a different version of the incident. The constable claimed that the victim was thrown off the train after she resisted the bid of miscreants who were fleeing after snatching valuables of other passengers. The constable also said that the woman “got her legs fractured” in the incident.

Bureaucracy Over Jurisdiction

Amid the horrific nature of the incident, a confusion as to who was supposed to take over the case arose. The district police officials and Government Railway Police both locked horns as to where the jurisdiction lies.

“The area falls under the jurisdiction of the GRP and not under limit of the district police,” a Kathihar police station officer was quoted saying.


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