In a jaw-dropping development reported from Bihar, a gang of goons were busted for running a fake police station for as long as 8 months. What’s more shocking as that the residence of the police chief of the area was barely 500 meters away from the place where the gang ran the scam. It appears that goons can go to lengths to commit a crime. Earlier in April, some thieves in Bihar posed as irrigation officers and went on to steal an entire 60 ft long, 500 ton weighing dilapidated bridge.

The incident came to the light recently where a gang was busted for operating a police station from a hotel building. The gang members reportedly used to dress in police uniform with ranks and badges, carried guns, and would then extort money from innocent civilians. They went on to work on their extortion racket for as long as eight months.

This is especially baffling, as it is being seen that the goons were successful to commit the crime under the nose of a top cop. The miscreants operated the fake police station some from the hotel which was 500 m away from the top police chief’s residence.

Based on the probe made by the police, 5 people, including 2 women were arrested.

The Facts of the Matter

The Banka police, Bihar recently arrested a gang of 5 scamsters who were running a fake police station in a hotel less than a kilometer away from the residence of Superintendent of Police. Earlier on Wednesday, Shambhu Yadav, SHO of Town police, saw a man and woman in uniform with a country-made revolver instead of the service weapon.

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Police Sees Accused with Country – Made Revolver

The police in the region investigated the entire matter, and soon shocking revelation was made. The scamsters had set-up a fake police station in a guest house. The police found out that the duo SHO had seen was Anita Murmu, who posed as the SHO, and Aakash Kumar, who posed as DSP. Both Aakash and Anita wore fake police uniform with fake badges and ranks.

The complete list of arrested persons is – Anita Murmu, Aakash Kumar, Ramesh Kumar, Wakil Kumar, and Julie Kumari.

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4 Uniforms, Fake Identity Cards, 5 Phones Recovered

The police went on to seize 4 police uniforms and a country-made pistol. Further, they also recovered application forms of PM Aawas Yojna, bank cheque books, 5 mobile phones, fake identity cards, and other shocking materials.

While the miscreants have been caught, their gang-leader still remains at large. The gang-leader, Bhola Yadav, along with his gang members, used to extort money from people on the pretext of providing them benefits from government schemes.

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Scammers Used to Extort Innocent Civilians

Investigation also revealed that the scammers had set up an office by the name of Escort Police Team in Patna and had duped several people on the pretext of providing them jobs. They extorted money out of the people, assuring them jobs in police departments and also extorted money on the pretext of enquiry.

During interrogation, the accused revealed that they had paid the kingpin Bhola a bribe of Rs 90,000 and Rs 55,000 respectively to get a job for him. Bhola had then gotten both Julie and Anita posted at the fake police station. The duo was under the impression that they were recruited in the police.


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