In a bizarre turn-of-events reported from Bihar, a groom got so drunk, he ended up forgetting to attend his own wedding! Moreover, the matters truly escalated where the bride’s family ended up the groom’s side hostage. The entire ordeal took place in Sultanganj village in Bhagalpur. It was only when the cops intervened that the matter was resolved with no one being harmed (other than the marriage being called off, obviously!).

According to reports, Santosh Kumar Mandal, forgot to show up for his own wedding. The culprit? Heavy drinking with his friends on the day of the wedding, causing him to completely forget his responsibilities. As a result, his bride-to-be, Neha of Mirzapur village, was left waiting with her family and friends for the wedding procession, which never arrived.

The next day, when the groom regained consciousness, he realized the grave mistake he had made and rushed over to the bride’s home with the procession. Unfortunately for him, Neha refused to marry him, citing his reckless behavior and lack of responsibility.

While the bride simply decided to call off the wedding, her family was in no mood to let the groom’s transgressions slide. They held the groom and his family hostage, demanding a full refund of all expenses incurred for the wedding arrangements.

The Facts of the Matter

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that weddings are a time for celebration, revelry, and love. But what happens when one gets a little too carried away with the celebration and forgets to, you know, to actually show up for the wedding? Well, as one groom in Bihar recently discovered, the results can be disastrous.

A wedding in Bihar, India took a dramatic turn when the bridegroom, Santosh Kumar Mandal, forgot to attend his own wedding after getting drunk with his friends. His family and friends were held hostage by the bride’s relatives, who demanded that the groom’s party refund the expenses incurred on the wedding arrangements.

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Groom Ditches Band Baja Baraat, Gets Drunk

The wedding, scheduled on March 13th in Bhagalpur district, was between Santosh, a resident of Atichak village, and Neha, from Mirzapur village in the same district. Santosh, who must have been ecstatic and excited about the prospect of being married, got a little carried away, and decided to have a drinking session with his friends.

However, his drinking session was such, that he ended up forgetting that there’s an entire band baja and baraat waiting for him, and that he is awaited at the wedding venue.

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Rushing Back to Wedding Venue, Bride Calls Off Wedding

It was until the following day that Santosh woke up with some sobriety, and immediately rushed to Neha’s house with the wedding procession.

But it was too little too late for Santosh, as his bride was enraged at him over forgetting to show up to his own wedding, and one could not really blame her for such a reaction.

Despite his efforts to make amends, Neha refused to marry him, stating that she couldn’t be with a man who was irresponsible and disrespectful of his commitments.

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Situation Takes Turn for Worse Before Resolution

Not only was the wedding called off, but the situation took a turn for the worse when the bride’s family ended up taking the groom’s side hostage! The bride’s family’s demand was simple – to have the entire expenses incurred on wedding arrangements repaid.

Saner minds prevailed eventually, and with the intervention of the local police, the two sides met at a resolution, and the situation was diffused.


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